5G: The Superfast Next Generation

Everyone is talking about 5G now a days….do you really know about 5G? if you don’t know about 5G NETWORK let’s know What is 5G ? How technology develops from 1G to 5G? Has 5G launched in india? and why 5G is called the superfast network system?

“Wireless technologies bring enormous benefits, and being over-cautious would potentially deny these benefits to needy communities.”

The latest generation of mobile network technology.5G is the fifth generation mobile network, which we can call the planned successor of 4G, promising faster download speed than ever before, and a more reliable connection with record breaking latency times.

Upgrading 1G to 5G

1G : it is the first ever form of wireless technology that first created in the USA in 1979. 1G is concerned with the only support of voice calls and there is no internet connection available. Due to the maximum speed of 2.4 Kbps of 1G technology the phones are slow , with poor battery life and voice quality.

2G: 1G is upgraded with 2G in 1993. It took phones from analogue to digital communication. Some of the new features served by 2G are SMS text messages,MMS multimedia messages and picture messages. The speed of 2G increases to 14.4Kbps.

3G: 3G was introduced in 2001 and it came with a new term “mobile broadband”. It’s key features are web browsing, enhanced audio and visual streaming and global roaming, IPTV and GPS service. The maximum speed of 3G technology is 3.1 Mbps.

4G: with the development of technology a step further 4G was first introduced in 2009 and still widely used today . 4G technology is concerned with the enhanced features than 3G , gaming streaming media in high resolution and wearable technology including fitness trackers. With a maximum speed 300 Mbps, you can download and upload media faster with 4G.

5G: the superfast network system

The fifth generation mobile technology 5G was introduced in 2019, again proves the victory of today’s technology over everything. It serves maximum download speed of 10Gbps which means you can do things faster than ever before. With mobile phones, the 5G network also brings a great potential for the IoT (internet of things).

Has 5G launched yet?

South Korea is the first country to adopt 5G in large scales . Not a single company or person is the owner of 5G, but there are several companies contributed for the development of 5G . Qualcomm has a major contribution in it. After South Korea China has opened the world’s biggest platform for 5G networking.

5G in India:

In India, Airtel has announced that it’s 5G network is ready , while Jio said that it will launch 5G services in second half of 2021 . However, as per reports of parliament , the government expects 5G services to roll out by early 2022 , because 4G should continue in India for atleast another 5_6 years , the parliamentary panel said. Earlier this month Airtel has announced that it has become the country’s first telco to succesfully demonstrate and orchastrate live 5G service over a commercial network in Hyderabad city in pa

5G technology (network, internet, frequency)

The maximum speed of 5G is 10 Gbps which is 10×100 times faster than 4G data speed with 1milisecond latecy. The frequency of 5G lies between 30GHz and 300GHz which is the reson behind fastest 5G networks. The main evolution of 5G compared with today’s 4G is that, beyond data speed improvements new IoT will require a new level of improved performance.

As of March 2021 , 157 Mobile operators have launched commercial 5G services in 62 countries. According to a study it has been estimated that 551m subscriptions will be added by 2021 and 1.8 billon by the end of 2025

Are you know which steps has been taken by different countries for the enhancement of 5G technology?

First South Korea then Japan started working on 5G in2013. Then samsung, Huawei and Ericsson started its development in 2013. NTT Docomo did the first 5G experimental trials in 2014. North America 5G was available in some locations in 2019.

5G vs 4G

There is no doubt in this opinion that 5G is more capable and efficient than 4G network. But 4G also provides the essential base and bridge for 5G . Right now 4G is capable of operating up-to 6GHz where as 5G is capable of handling radio base between 3GHz and 300GHz. And about the speed 4G gives maximum speed of 300 Mbps that of 5G is 10Gbps.

Our Review on 5g

“We believe the main biological effect of the electromagnetic radiation from Smart phones is a rise in temperature,” and will know “There are also concerns that there could be more subtle effects, such as links between long-term exposure and certain types of cancer, but while there is some evidence from epidemiological and animal studies, these remain controversial. and also 5G mobile technology promises a ten-fold increase in data transmission rates compared to current 4G networks, which will be achieved by using a higher transmission frequency. The physiological effects of electromagnetic radiation change with frequency, so the advent of 5G triggered a major international review of relevant radiation safety guidelines, for which it’s agreed that there is insufficient data for a meaningful health risk assessment. and they accepted the electromagnetic radiation limit in the current international standards that apply to mobile technologies.

“As the frequency goes up, the depth of penetration into biological tissues goes very down, so the skin and eyes, rather than the brain, become the main organs of health concern that “The major hurdle is that the power levels involved in mobile and wireless telecommunications are incredibly low, which, at most, produce temperature rises in tissue of a few tenths of a degree. Picking up unambiguous biological changes is therefore very difficult.

However, it will be important to balance the risk and reward, we notes. “Wireless technologies bring enormous benefits, and being over-cautious would potentially deny these benefits to needy communities.”


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