A Short Speech About Gandhi Jayanti

A letter to Bapuji

Respected Bapuji,

   We hope being at heaven you would like to receive our earthly prostration . We dare not ask you your livelihood in heaven but can plead you to read about the nation that you had nourished with your blood.

You had strengthened yourself with truth and non-violence and also had tried to make our grandparents understand the same. But those two qualities are not digestible for your great grandchildren . You had been blessed with strength, courage, faith and humility. We are proud to have both strength and courage but don’t want to use those as you had used. Not thinking of nation and her people we have been using our power to fulfill our own desires by creating religious and economical differences among our own countrymen. Our neighbouring countries are so helpful to us in this matter. Don’t worry as your efficient great grandchildren we are trying our best to fulfill your dream of “Ram Rajya” by building costly temples of lord Ram. Another good news for you that your dream of complete cleanliness programme and spending billions in it. To save money we have removed your full sketch photograph of this mission. But your spectacles have been used proudly as a sacred symbol for this mission. AL list we would like to say as an ancient old you are not affordable in modern age. So your absence is solicited.

           ~Team live learns

From Earth……

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