Accessories for catching fish from deep water

Accessories for catching fish from deep water

Fishing in lakes, reservoirs, rivers and seas is usually more difficult than in ponds. The use of boats and nets for fishing in deep water has been around since time immemorial.

A variety of boats are used to catch fish from lakes and reservoirs, starting with banana peels. These include dinghy, wood raft, tin raft, drum raft, bamboo raft, grass raft, wind-blown raft and sailing boat. With the help of these fishermen, fish are collected from lakes and reservoirs by net.

The management of the catchment for the collection of fish:

A variety of nets are used in lakes and reservoirs. Although the names of the nets vary from region to region, their structure and structure are the same. Among the nets are fascial, khepajal and bonsai kadi. Troll nets have been experimentally applied to these vast waters. However, this is not the case for all reservoirs. Therefore, trawl nets are applied to the natural state and soil conditions of the reservoir. Troll nets are usually used in the flat parts of the reservoir. The use of sorsi is also being used experimentally in lakes and reservoirs. But for lakes and reservoirs, the need for fasi, khepa and stasi khadi is much higher than other nets. Hunting fish are usually collected in stale cages. Different types of fish are caught in khepa and fasi nets. Fashi nets can catch a variety of fish of a certain size.

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From time immemorial, fishermen have been raising fish from lakes and reservoirs. They have often failed in their efforts to catch fish. In addition, they did not care for the reproduction of fish due to the urgency of the fishing method. This is called excessive collection. Therefore, each class of fish in the lake and reservoir needs to collect 80% of the fish and leave the remaining 60% for their natural breeding. Therefore, in order to collect the right amount of fish from lakes and reservoirs, the water needs to be well managed and the method described below.

The reservoir should have a consistent catchment system for farmed fish. This allows the fishermen to collect the appropriate fish.
“Fishermen need to be informed about the total number of fish.” That’s 40 percent of the total. “The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” she told the Associated Press.
Faces of a certain size should be used. This allows each fish to breed once in a while and have the opportunity to breed.
Those fish should not be caught for the protection of endangered species.
The natural reproduction of fish should be well preserved and protected.
Hunting fish should be caught gradually. This allows the fish to find a suitable place and grow their food quickly. Fishing should be prohibited during the breeding season. This allows the breeding fish to breed.

Fishermen should be licensed to use a certain number of boats and nets for daily fishing.
Fishing of different types and sizes. “It simply came to our notice then. In general, fishermen should be interested in fishing and should be paid a fair price. Breeding fish should not be killed. Fishing fishes are used to catch these fish. The plan should be to sell fish through cooperatives. Most of the fish in the reservoir should be harvested in a net or bamboo to make a profit. In order to release the fish into the reservoir in a timely manner, it is necessary to set up a fishing center nearby. It is necessary to import an average of 60 per cent of the estimated amount of flies per year by applying a certain number of nets and reservoirs.

In Odisha, only 12 kg per hectare from the Hirakud Reservoir. 300-700 kg from the Kitham Reservoir in Uttar Pradesh while the fish was being collected. Fish can be collected. Therefore, in order to produce more fish per hectare from each reservoir, it is necessary to look at the reservoir management system.

Fishermen collect fish from all parts of the river, from its source to the sea. Various boats and nets are used to fish. Boats, boats, and drums are used extensively in boats. Fish are harvested with the help of khepazal, kadijal, trap (mugura), budajal, fascial, nolajal and banisi khadi. In the pond, fish are usually caught by tannajal, vidajal, khepajal, nolijal, budajal, cardizal or banisi khadi. The ponds are dried and the fish are caught by hand, polua or mugura. The river’s source is usually inhabited by fish that love the cold water. Trout is one of them. They are also known as game fish, as tourists enjoy holding them in bunnies. In the middle of the river are usually fish and species of Rohi, Vakur, Mirikali and other fish. The river is at the end of the river, and is home to algae, fish, and fish. .

A large number of fish have been reported to be extinct from the rivers. Elysium fish, for example, come from alkaline waters and can also be seen on the upper reaches of the river. But now their numbers have dwindled. There are many reasons for this. Of these, reservoirs, such as dams, cannot be located in the middle of the river. In addition, toxic wastes and debris usually emitted from factories. This pollutes the environment. In addition, the number of fish is declining as fishermen do not follow proper management practices. Therefore, the protection of the river from pollution, the use of a certain number of nets, and the continued release of fish nets can be used to protect fish resources in the rivers.

In the coastal areas of Odisha, fish are being harvested using a variety of boats and nets. Katamaran is one of the boats. Boats, dinghy, sailing boats, automated boats and ships are among them. The catamaran is usually made of a boat with 3 to 4 pieces of wood. The coastal fisheries range in size from 0 to 10 feet. The average fishery resource is between 11 and 40 feet deeper than the water in the middle. However, the deeper fish resources are more than 41 feet deep and relatively deep. It is therefore suitable for fishing on native boats, Katamaran naa or dinghy shores. It usually spans 6 to 7 km from the coast. But automated boats are meant to catch fish in the middle. It extends from 10 to 20 km. This type of automatic boat returns to shore for 2 to 4 days. Automated vessels are intended for deep-sea fishing. Flatware can be used with the help of water pressure or modern care. Can be collected.

Different types of nets are used at sea. Among the nets are trawlers, trawler nets, vasa fasi nets, honey fashi nets, low fascial nets, parsley, line fishing, and fishing from deep water by electricity. In the coastal areas of Odisha, trawl nets and fascists are widely used.

There are different types of fishing boats in the sea. For this purpose, large automated boats are used, starting with small boats. If the lower part of the boat is round (U), this type of boat is called the lower round or U bottom boat. If the bottom is (V) shaped, it is called the V bottom boat.

There are many examples of boats being made and used. The boat is made of wood, cement, aluminum, iron and plastic. The shipbuilding factory is called the Boat Building. This type of construction can be found in the coastal areas of Odisha. The performance of the boat is monitored, starting with the construction of the boat and the catching of fish from deep water. This will increase the efficiency of the boat and make it more efficient for many years.

Once the fish are collected and returned to shore, it is re-examined. The broken part is repaired and repaired in a timely manner. The algae, rhinoceroses, and snails attached to the underside of the boat are removed and cleaned. The thorny thorns of the boat are removed and a good thorn is planted in the place. The boat is painted at the bottom of the boat before taking to the water to make it operational for many years. By saying this color, the insect could not destroy the wood by creating insects or other abortions.

Wooden boats are more likely to be destroyed in a few years. So they need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Be careful when building wooden boats, as well as experienced wooden boat builders, wood planking techniques, thorns adding techniques, coloring and so that various worms, rhinoceroses and snails cannot destroy the wood as much as possible.

Emphasis should be placed on good management practices to collect fish from the sea. The total catch of fish includes certain nets, daily fishing numbers of licensed fishermen and an increase in marine resources. The program allows artificial rhinos, snails and other fish to be released offshore.

In addition to the fish collection, there are arrangements for the grading (classification) of the fish, as well as the automated vessels for the preparation of various fishery ingredients from it. Those ships can collect fish from shallow water for months to make new useful items out of it. Once the fish are collected, they are sorted by type and size. Differentiation of flies of different sizes is called grading. There are a number of different ways and means of preserving grilled fish. Fish products are called processors, and their products are called fisheries products.


The fish usually decompose in a short period of time. This is called conservation of food, which can be used for longer periods of time. This reservation system –

  • To keep dry,
  • Applying salt,
  • Smoke application,
  • Freezing
  • Snow,
  • Cooling and
  • Duplication is one of them.

Each storage system is different. But the simplest and most convenient way is to dry, apply salt, apply smoke and spray. Cooling, cooling and defrosting techniques are used to make fresh fish more nutritious.

Although the ice can be stored and sold in a cold environment for two to three days, the fish or fish products can be stored abroad for months in a cold environment and exported. With the help of this freezing method, relatively low heat can be produced and invested. This process is called freezing. Caregivers who achieve this goal are called freezers. With the help of a refrigerator, a ton of fish or fish products can be frozen at a time. The temperature ranges from 10 ° C to 40 ° C. These cold environments (1) apply cold air and (2) liquid solutions are usually called ice-cold. The snowmobiles include Fryon-12, Fryon-22, liquid nitrogen and other light carbons. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for this purpose, but in Odisha, freezer is widely used.

The method of refrigeration is based on the difference between the types of freezers. So the refrigeration system depends on the type of freezer. So snowfall depends on many conditions.

Differences in type of freezer – air fridge freezer, plate freezer, liquid soluble freezer and more. The cooling temperature of the freezer is 35 ° C to 360 ° C in the air-conditioned freezer, 40 ° C in the plate freezer, 50 ° C to 18 ° C in liquid nitrogen, 50 ° C to 60 ° C in liquid carbon, 30 ° C in 1 ° C, 30 ° C in liquid.

  • The speed of the air. It is intended for air fresheners.
  • Internal temperature of fish or fish products.
  • The size and density of fish products or flies.
  • The time of connection with the iron plate of the fish product. This is only for plate freezers.
  • The bucket used to keep the fish is thick.
  • Differences in fish – Fatty fish can be cooled soon. But fat-free fish have a higher water content, so they take longer to cool.

The fish are kept for years and exported to different parts of the country for sale. The fish are cut into trunks using the spawning method. Applying bactericidal methods and quality standards with salt water or oil in mind. With the help of ventilation, the canister is sealed and sealed. This method is called the dilution method. Because it is expensive, fish farmers resort to ice cream. For the preparation of the dry, the appropriate fish are dried by drying them in the heat or by using electric power. Food is also preserved by the use of smoke and salt.


Over the past two decades, there has been a wealth of information on fisheries technology and the use of fisheries. There has been a lot of information about proper conservation, standardization and quality control, from fishing to use. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. The World Food and Agriculture Organization categorizes the various fisheries into six sections. For example:

  • Decorative fish
  • Frozen
  • Reproductive fish
  • Curved fish-dried

Smoking and salting include:

Dried goat and fish oil Other fish products, such as shark skin, parsley,. Eating slas, medicines, fish glue, fish silage, fish or and fish protein cassette are made from fish.

Of these, the first four are fish, which can be used directly by humans, but indirectly by other fisheries. Dry goats, for example, are used in the form of fodder, poultry, and fish. Unnecessarily small and varied types of fish are usually made by grinding. Japan, China, Russia, Peru, and the United States are among the leaders in the development of dry matter.

Fish farming is one of the other fish products. During its preparation, all the thorns of the fish’s body are taken care of with a fork. Is removed. It is one of the best fisheries in the world. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Fikima through various means. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.


Poor fishermen usually collect fish directly from deep water. But with the help of traders, they sell fish.

So even though they worked hard and collected fish, they could not get a fair price for it. The main reason for this is that on a rainy day it is natural. They do not go deep into the water for fishing because of the danger. So they take out a loan from a banker to support their daily Gujarat. In exchange for this loan, they contract to sell the fish they collect and other expensive shrimp at low prices. The moneylenders, therefore, take advantage of the financial weakness of the fishermen and do not pay them the fair price of their fish. The moneylender sends them to the nearest market and earns money. So fishermen can earn a living by forming cooperative societies and selling them through it.

Usually, the price of fresh fish is higher than that of rotten fish. But with so few fresh fish coming into the market, the demand for preserved fish has become popular. The use of fisheries technical know-how, fish conservation methods and techniques has now led to a decline in the direct use of fisheries.

Fish are often referred to as “frozen fish” to keep them fresh. Frozen fish are shipped to the general public for sale within the country. Mechanical loading is being sent to distant countries. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Although frozen fish are marketable for some time, their storage methods are expensive. Therefore, the technique of storing fish products in air-tight containers has become popular. Although the production of these foods is small, the demand for them is steadily increasing. Developing nations have always strived for the production of recycled fisheries, even though they are expensive. India is trying to make it more foreign by exporting it. At present, India has not been able to generate more foreign currency in the export of these fisheries. Because of the complex technical know-how and investment in fisheries, India has not been able to make significant progress in this area.

Fish are exported from one state to another by truck in the process of cooling, freezing and freezing. To frozen fish. Also sent by rail to other states. The fish are sold at various outlets.

From time immemorial, fish farming has been practiced in our country. Simple methods such as salt drying, smoke application, etc. have been adopted as low-cost savings. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

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