Advanced species of fish ‘gift tilapia’

Everyone in our state already knows how to fish. If a fish is left in the pond, it is likely to be trapped in the pond due to its impossible reproduction. Due to its small size, the market demand is low. The best species of squirrel is the “gift tilapia”. Over the past few years, the fish has been widely produced and in demand in many parts of the world. The fish is more meaty and has become a popular favorite with a single fork in the middle.

Gift Tilapia Fish Production and Export:

The state’s total fish production in the last financial year was 6.06 lakh metric tonnes, and the export of fish products worth Rs 2,206 crore was exported. There is a lot of potential for fish production in Odisha. The state Department of Fisheries has launched a number of new programs aimed at boosting fish production through an agreement with the global organization World Fish. Steps are being taken to produce a unique fish gift tilapia. With this in mind, the Waldenses organization is providing technical assistance with a special focus on product growth and sales. In a new scientific way, this gift is made from tilapia.

Only male fishermen are being made to adapt to this new species and to use hormones. So that the fish cannot reproduce unnecessarily in the pond. The Union Ministry of Agriculture has tried to spread the word about male-only gift tilapia cultivation and a directive for cultivation.

Promoting the production of productive fish species:

In Odisha, seafood exports have already been successful in indirect cultivation by the authorities. Due to the changing nature of this species, the species has to pay special attention to biodiversity. The species has been provided to farmers through the Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture Institute in Bijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The fish production method yields 4 metric tons per acre every six months, and the fish is cultivated twice a year. This is a great way to get the most out of your fish. And because of the rapid growth of the body, more production can be achieved. This year, the State Fisheries Directorate (World Office), with the technical support of the organization, has taken steps to cultivate about 33 acres of water in 11 districts of Odisha. In the first phase, 20,000 improved wells have been set up in four ponds in Jagatsinghpur district with proper protection and new methods of cultivation. “In each case, the people have, for the first time, been offered a chance to vote. This gift tilapia is more productive, tasty and it is possible to meet Khauti’s expectations due to the increase in body weight up to 1 kg in 5 months. The commercial production of this fish also has huge opportunities for export.

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