Agricultural Machinery Used to Alleviate Women’s Labor in Less Time

Agricultural Machinery Used to Alleviate Women’s Labor in Less Time

Introduction: –

In agriculture, women work hard to care for paddy, weeds, seeds, and post-harvest care. This can lead to more time wasted and more physical activity. With the relief of this labor, there is a need for a variety of advanced agricultural machinery to perform agricultural work in less time.

Lawn mower: Dry grass picker:

Weeds such as bida are more suitable for sandy and loamy soils. A woman can run it easily. When the machine is pushed forward, the drum rotates and the curved blades or sheaths and weeds that are attached to it are cut off. With this feed, 25 deciles of grass can be selected per day.

Lawn mowers:

The machine is ideal for light weed selection in rice fields. A woman can run it easily. When the machine is pushed back and forth, the grass in the middle of the paddy field is uprooted and buried in the ground. About 5 deciles of grass can be selected within an hour.

Hand-picked lawn mower:

The machine is ideal for dry areas. It has two blades and one tooth in one handle. Pulling it towards the row in a row removes the grass under the ground.

The wheel is happy:

The wheel has 3 teeth in the iron sheath. There is a wheel in front. There are two bends on each bar. The wheel helps to move the bicycle forward and back easily. With the help of iron teeth, the soil is dug up and the grass is uprooted.

Sowing machine: –

Seeds are sown with rice, wheat, mung beans, and radishes. Properly sown three-quarters of a row of seedlings, the seedlings are less costly, the number of trees is more accurate, and the better the intercropping. So the soil has to be well cultivated and the row sowing machine has to be used. This will result in 25 deciles of land being planted per day.

Peanut butter machines: –

This machine is like a box to look at, it is folded over a frame. It has a roller bottom. The bottom of the roller is lined with a wire mesh. When the roller is forgotten, its small teeth roll the peanuts over the mesh. As a result, the teeth are removed from the peanuts and the seeds move down. With this machine, 15 kg of almonds can be chopped per hour.

Crop harvesting and harvesting machinery: –
Rice harvester:

The machine rides on a bicycle and pedals. It has a roll drum in its box. The teeth are all around the drum. When a man runs a paddle and puts the bundle of rice on the drum, the paddy comes out with a toothpick. The paddy can then be cleaned with a fan with a paddle blower.


It is ideal for weeding. A handful of special styles are very helpful for harvesting rice. The bar is made of black steel and is about 5 cm wide. This makes it possible for a woman to harvest 25 deciles of rice a day.

Peanut picking machine:

It is used to extract fruits from peanuts. On a rectangular frame, the rectangles are arranged in a rectangular shape. Peanuts are used to harvest fruit from peanuts. About 200 to 300 kilograms of fruit per hour can be harvested by six women.

Third-form peanut picking machine:

The machine also separates the fruit from the groundnut tree. Only one woman can run it. The hollow tube, made of two metal plates, has some metal rods wrapped in rubber tubes. Rotating the drum and tapping the peanut tree on it, the fruit comes out of the tree.

Cleaning handmade grain:

The machine uses seeds such as boots, wheat, soybeans, mung beans, beans, etc., to mix contaminated seeds, sticks, and husks. There are two metals running in one frame. About 10 kilograms of grain are placed in the trough and turned backwards like a basket. This removes the grain from the seeds and the contaminants remain on the salt. Purified grains are crushed to a pulp and dust is extracted.

Handmade water pump:

The pump can be used to pump water from a depth of less than 5 meters. This pump is very useful for pumping water from wells, ponds, ditches and canals to irrigate crops. It is very useful for farmers to draw water from a depth of less than 15 feet

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