Algae Kingdom Classification

Algae Kingdom Classification or CLASSIFICATION OF ALGAE

Different proposed Many algologists have classifications of algae. These are based on different characters. However, the algal pigments have still remained the major basis of algal classification. Other characters, often considered include external forms, reserve food products, nucleus, life history, reproduction, etc. The classification given by a famous British phycologist F. E. Fritsch (1935, 1945) is widely used even today. He has divided algae into 11 classes.

  1. Chlorophyceae
  2. Xanthophyceae
  3. Chrysophyceae
  4. Bacillariophyceae
  5. Cryptophyceae
  6. Dinophyceae
  7. Chloromonadineae
  8. Euglena
  9. Phaeophyceae
  10. Rhodophyceae
  11. Myxophyceae

Some of the characteristics of major algal classes are summarised in.

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