Animal Tissue Mcq For NEET PDF

Animal Tissue MCQs For NEET Pdf

MCQ CHSE NCERT Animal tissue for NEET 2021 MCQ CHSE NCERT Animal tissue for NEET Exam Animal Tissue NEET Questions mcq on plant and animal tissues Multiple Choice Questions on plant tissues Animal tissue mcq with answers pdf plant tissue culture mcq with answers pdf, We Provide you the TOP Questions And Answers From The Teachers And Student So Keep Answers Here The Animal Tissue mcq For NEET pdf.

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1010000+ MCQs On Animal Tissue

1. Ligaments and tendons are formed of: 

(b) epithelial tissue 

(a) muscular tissue 

(d) skeletal tissue. 

(c) connective tissue 

2.The segment between two Z bands in a muscle fibre is called 

(b) H-band 

(a) Sarcomere 

(d) Sarcoplasm. 

() A-band 

3. Nails, hoofs and horns are derived from the tissues 

(b) Cartilage 

(a) Epithelium 

(d) Bone. 

(C) Supporting tissue 

4. Schwann cells and Ranvier nodes are present in 

(b) muscle cells 

(a) bone cells 

(d) cartilage. 

(c) neurons 

5. Notochord originates from 

(b) mesoderm 

(a) ectoderm 

(d) none. 

(c) endoderm 

6. Which muscle of the body work non-stop till death 

(b) striped 

(a) unstriped 

(d) cardiac. 


7. From what type of cells is the cartilage made up? 

(b) lymphocytes 


(d) phagocytes 


8. The tissue covering the body surface is 

(b) connective 

(d) adipose. 

(a) epithelial 

(c) muscular 

9. What type of tissue is tendon? 


(b) muscular 

(a) supportive 


10. Which type of connective tissue is lymph? 

(b) adipose 


(a) areolar 

(c) fibrous 

11. In an animal, the tissues are bathed in: 

(b) Body fluid 

(d)Sodium chloride. 

(a) Calcium chloride 

(c) Water 

(b) Chondriocytes 

12. A cartilage possess 

(d) dendrons 

(a) osteocytes 

(c) Neurons 

(b) cells

13. Voluntary muscle is present in 

(6) Liver 

(a) Lung 

(c) Heart 

(c) Hind limb 

14. Glisson’s capsules are found in 

(b) Liver of mammals 

(a) Kidney of frog 

(a) Cerebellum of rabbit 

(c) Heart of frog 

15. Cartilage is produced by 

(b) Fibroblasts 

(a) Osteoblasts 

(d) Chondroblasts 

(c) Epithelium 

16. Extracellular basement membrane is the speciality of 

(6) Nervous tissue 

(a) Vascular tissue 

(d) Connective tissue 

(c) Epithelial tissue 

17. Intercellular matrix is minimum in 

(a) Areolar tissue 

(b) Bone 

(c) Cartilage 

(o) Muscular tissue 

18. Which one of the following is a tissue 

(a) Ovary 

(b) Kidney 

(c) Lung 

(d) Blood 

19. Some cells of our body can be over a foot long. These are 

(a) Nenve cells 

(b) Muscle cells 

(c Bone cells 

(d) Cland cells 

20. What is the alternative name for simple squamous epithelium? 

(a) Connective tissue 

(6) Floor tissue 

(c) Pavement epithelium 

(a) Columnar epithelium 

Answers:-  1. (C)2. (a)3. (a) 4. (c)5. (a)6. (c) 7. (c) 8. (a) 9. (c)10. (d) 11. (b) 12. (b)13. (c) 14. (b)15. (d) 16. (c) 17. (b)18. (d)19. (a) 20. (c)

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