Best Emerging Technologies in Electronics and Communication in the World

The whole world human population is already more than 7 billion — a number that could exceed 10 billion by 2100, according to projections from the United Nations. This rising populace, coupled with environmental challenges, puts even greater pressure on already strained energy resources now. Granted, there’s no silver bullet, but Georgia Tech researchers are developing a high range of technologies to make power more abundant, efficient, and eco-friendly. technology can help governments handle economic emergencies such as

  1. 3D biometrics
  2. OLEDs
  3. Nano technology
  4. Free space optical communication
  5. E- bomb
  6. silent sound technology

3D_ biometrics

Emerging technologies in electronics and communication: Automatic personal authentication using biometric information is becoming more essential in applications of public security, access control, forensic, banking etc. However, most of the biometric techniques are based on two dimensions (2D) images. Recently,3D techniques have been applied to biometric applications such as 3D face, 3D palm printing, 3Dfinger print and 3D ear recognition.


OLED stands for organic light- emitting diode. It is a light emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emtis light in response to an electric current. OLEDs are used to create digital displays in devices such as television screen, computer monitors, portable systems such as smartphone, handheld game consoles and PDAs.

Nano technology

Nano technology is hailed as having the potential to increase the efficiency of energy consumption , help to clean the environment , and solve major health problems. It is said to be able to massively increase manufacturing products at significantly reduced cost. Products of nanotechnology will be smaller , cheaper, lighter,yetmore functional and requires less energy and fewer raw materials to manufacture.

Free space optical communication (FSOC)

It is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. The technology propagates light in free space means air , outer space, vaccume etc.

Electromagnetic bomb(E-bomb)

An E-bomb is a device that generates a high power electromagnetic pulse, that is capable of severely damaging , or rendering completely useless , electronic devices within its pulse radius. Such bomb could be used to disable a target nation’s digital infrastructure and economy , potentially causing internal unrest , severely damaging their ability to wage war, and ultimately create a society collapse.

Silent sound technology

This technology aims to notice every movements of lips and transform them into sound , which could help people who lose voices to speak, allow people to make silent calls without bothering others. Rather than making any sound, your handset would decipher the movements your mouth makes by measuring muscle activity , then convert this into speech that the person on the other end of the call can hear. So basically it reads your lips.


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