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Biju Babu, The New Creator of Modern Odisha, is Celebrating his 108th Birth Anniversary

Bijubabu, the new creator of modern Odisha, was the Asmita of the Oriya nation. For which the Oriya nation has manifested itself all over the world. Bijubabu was at the same time an Oriya political leader, airman and eminent industrialist. Today marks the 104th birth anniversary of the great Jananayaka proverbial man Bijubabu. Biju Jayanti is being celebrated across the state. This day is celebrated as Panchayati Raj Day. General meetings are being held at the constituency level in the state on the occasion of Biju Jayanti. Biju Patnaik’s lifelong efforts to build an ideal and strong, prosperous Odisha are highlighted. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has quietly called on all BJP legislators to celebrate Biju Jayanti.

She was born on March 5, 1917 in Tulsipur, Cuttack to her third child, father Laxminarayan Patnaik and mother Ashalta Patnaik. After graduating from Ravensa Collegiate School, Cuttack, he studied science at Ravensa College. During his studies, he was passionate about sports and was the captain of university football and team. He then attended aviation training at Delhi’s Aeronautics Training Institute.

Biju Patnaik married Gyan Patnaik in 1936. His son Naveen Patnaik is the current Chief Minister of Odisha. His daughter Gita Mehta is a writer. His eldest son Prem Patnaik is based in Delhi as a businessman.

After completing his flight training from Delhi as a pilot, he worked as a pilot on Indian Airways. At a critical juncture, he flew himself to rescue the Indonesian president, vice president and prime minister from the Dutch. He was awarded Indonesia’s highest honor, Bhumiputra, for his bravery. In honor of the award, he donated billions of dollars to the Indonesian public.

In politics, Biju Patnaik began his political career on the 18th and was unanimously elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly from the North Cuttack constituency. He won from Jagannath Prasad and Sorda in 1952 and 1956, respectively. In 1911, he became president of the State Congress. Under his leadership, the Congress won 140 to 72 seats. Biju Patnaik, who was elected from Chaudhwar, was the Chief Minister of Odisha for the first time and held the post till October 2, 1933. He resigned from his post under the Kamaraj Yojana to revive the Congress party. Biju Babu and Indira Gandhi had close ties, but he left the Congress party and formed a new party, the Utkal Congress, as he was embroiled in controversy during the 14th presidential election and did not get a Congress ticket for the 1911 Rajya Sabha elections.

His party did well in the 141-member assembly polls. When the state of emergency was declared in 1955, Biju Patnaik was the first to be arrested along with other opposition leaders. He was released on the 14th and was re-elected to the Lok Sabha from the Center. At the time, he was the Minister of Steel and Mines under the government of Morarji Desai and Chowdhury Charan Singh. Biju Babu was elected to the Lok Sabha in 190 and was re-elected to the Lok Sabha on the 19th. The Janata Dal won the 190 state assembly elections and again served as Odisha’s chief minister until 195.

Biju Babu’s political views were mainly based on socialism and federalism. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important. Nehru affectionately called him an adventurous figure of India. During his time in Parliament, Nehru addressed Biju Babu. So there is nothing wrong with helping Odisha more. “

The proceeds from Biju Patnaik’s donation will be donated by UNESCO to the Kalinga Prize. The award is presented by an international group of scientists as an honorable mention.

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