Blessings of Science || Science in The Service of Man


(Introduction sky is the limit – conquest of time & space satellites revolutionization of means of production in agriculture and in industry-eradication of diseases wonders in the field of education electricity-conclusion.)

Man’s unquenching thirst for knowledge and his Indomitable will to conquer has resulted in phenomenal advancement of science. Science has become a part of life. So the modern age has rightly been christened as an age of science.

The wonder’s and achievements of science are too many, and too fantastic and the best are yet to come. Only the sky’s the limit. Take for example the harnessing of nuclear energy. It is a milestone in the progress of science. It has the potency to create havoc which will be a hundred times more dreadful than Herosima and Nagasaki. So also it is utilized to irrigate thousands of acres of land in deserts, to fire rocket launchers, to generate electricity, etc.

Science has helped man to conquer time and space. The World has turned into a global village. Man has already scanned Mars. Venus is not far away. Moon is already in the palms of his hands. We have supersonic planes and trains which run faster than sound. In a single day we can cover half of the globe. Travelling is a daily need of man. Science has made it swifter and comfortable. A man can reside at a distance of 100 km.s. from his place of work and can attend his offices as a daily commuter by a train or bus.

Another historic achievement of science is satellite communication. It has boosted electronic media largely. Instant communication through cordless, cellular, mobile telephone, paging etc. are really wonderful. The satellites help the farmer and fishermen greatly. Satelites inform us about weather and location of shoals of fish in lakes and seas. Satelites warn us about earthquakes and storms. They help us in finding out natural resources lay hidden under the earth and the seas. Satellites have also revolutionised the world of entertainment through dish and cable TVS. And then there is a computer to provide us with any information we need. Really computers are like Aladdin’s magic lamp to human society.

The means of production have been revolutionised by science. Application of modern technology has multiplied production. So the rate of many commodities has scaled down and consumers get from a pen to a car at a very lower rate now. In agriculture too, wonderful achievements have taken place through the application of scientific devices. The mechanisation of the agriculture sector has brought about higher yield of foodgrains.Better facilities for irrigation and fertilizers have given further impetus to agriculture. Agriculture and industry are two legs of human civilization. Both these legs have been made stout by science.

Science has achieved miracles in eradicating many diseases which were fatal in the past. Many diseases are in the process of eradication. Now transplantation of many vital organs of the human body is a common medical practice. As a result of many health related discoveries and inventions man finds himself more safe and secure. The lifespan of man has increased in all countries. All are leading a hale and hearty life.

Science has achieved wonders in the realm of education. Due to scientific teaching and learning aids distant education has become cheap and universal. Science has turned learning into pleasure.

The greatest wonder of science is electricity. It provides a suitable base for other branches to develop. All discoveries of science industries, computers, televisIons, telephones, electric fans, bulbs. city scanning, X-ray, ultrasound, will be of no value without electricity

Science is both a boon and a bane. The duty of scientists is to discover new things and to enlarge the horizon of knowledge with new discoveries. The use or misuse of these discoveries depend on the sagacity of the politicians who govern the states. Science is always knowledge. pure, powerful and is always ready to help us. It is unwise to categorize it as an evil or a good. It is man, who makes it good or bad according to his conscience.

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