Branches of Zoology | Applied Branches of Zoology

A Brief History of Science Zoology

These branches deal with the beneficial aspects of human beings.  

1. Apiculture. It deals with the culture of honey bee and production and procurement honey 

2. Animal Husbandry. It is the study of domestication, breeding, rearing, health care and economic importance of animals. 

3. Fishery (Pisciculture). It deals with the rearing of edible fishes, in man-managed aqua-cultures. 

4. Gerontology. It is the study of ageing in living organisms. 

5. Euthenics. It deals with the influence of environment on the growth of human race and culture. 

6. Eugenics. It deals with the improvement of human race by selective breeding, on the basis of genetics. 

7. Hygicne. It deals with the maintenance of good health of organisms. 

8. Lac-culture. It is the study of culture of insects producing shellac. 

9. Poultry. It deals with the rearing of chickens for eggs and flesh. 

10. Soil Zoology. It is the study of organisms in soil. 

11. Sericulture. The study concerning rearing of silkworms for production of commercial silk. 

12. Pearl culture. This branch deals with methods of pearl production from bivalve molluscans. 

13. Cryobiology. The study of preserving of an organism or specific organs at very low temperature. 

14. Space biology. Study of living organisms in outer space. 

15. Bioinformatics. It is the process of biological data feeding, storing and analyzing them through computers. 

16. Pharmacy. It is the process of preparing and compounding medicines. 

17. Psychobiology. It is the study of animal psychology.2  

18. Molecular biology. It deals with the study of Physico-chemical organisation of biomolecules. 

19. Exobiology. It deals with possibility of existence of life in outer space i.e. in other planets. 

20. Nosology. Study of diseases. 

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