Branches of Zoology | Organism Oriented Branches of Zoology

so, here are the main organism oriented branches in zoology


These branches deal about a particular group of animals.  

1. Protozoology. It is the study of Protozoans. 

2. Helminthology. Study of Helminthes is known as helminthology. 

3. Entomology. It is the study of all types of Insects. 

4. Carcinology. Study of Crustaceans, a type of arthropod, is known as carcinology. 

5. Malacology. It is the study of Molluscs which are found on land and in water. 

6. Ichthyology. It is the study of different types of Fishes. 

7. Herpetology. It is the study of Reptiles 

8. Ophiology. Study of Snakes is called as ophiology. 

9. Ornithology. Study of both flying and non-flying birds is called as ornithology. 

10. Mammology, Study of mammals is called as mammology. 

11. Acarology. Ticks and Mites are studied under the branch of zoology, called acarology. 

12. conchology. Study of Shells of molluscs is known as conchology. 

13. Parazoology. Study of sponges 

14. Parasitology. Study of parasites 

15. Bacteriology. Study o bacteria 

16. Virology. Study of viruses 

17, Nematology. Study of nematodes (round wormns) 

18. Cnidology. Study of coelenterates 

19. Microbiology. Study of microscopic organisms 

20. Saurology. Study of lizards. 

21. Parazoology. Study of sponges. 

22. Cetology. Study of whales. 

A Brief History of Science Zoology

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