Branches of Zoology | what are the pure branches of zoology

In the last article we are discussed about what is zoology?. so, now we have to know branches of zoology.


The living organisms consist of different types of plants, animals and microorganisms as this is the age of specialisation, Biology has been divided into different branches to acquire better knowledge about different aspects of organisms 


general aspects of the living organisms. These branches deals with general aspects of the living organisms. External features.  

1. Morphology. Every organ is called as morphology. It has Two aspects, (i) external morphology and (ii) internal morphology  

2. Anatomy. Study of internal structure of the individual ís known as Anatomy 

3. istology. It is the study of tissues and tissue system which form the organs, 

 4, Cytology or Cell Biology. Study of structure ana uncton or the cell and cellular, Organcelles in different types of cells of plants and animals is known as cytoloov 

5. Genetics. It is the study of heredity, which deals with the scientific basis of pésemblances and dissimilarities of organisms with their parents. 

6./Physiology. It is the study of functions of different parts of the organ systems of the Embryology or Developmental Biology. Every organism develops from a zygote and animal and plant body. passes through various embryonic stages ill it reaches the adult stage. It deals with the embryonic development of the individual. 

8. Ecology or Environmental Biology. It is the study of the relationship between the organisms and their environment. 

9. Endocrinology. It deals with the study of structure and function of ductless glands or endocrine glands, which secrete hormone. These endocrine glands like pithitary,thyroid etc. forms the endocrine system of the animal. 

10. Palaeontology. It is the study of fossils or the preserved remains. Paleozoology deals  with the study of fossils of animals. 

11/ Evolution. It deals with the origin of life, its gradual change and descent of new forms of organisms. 

12. Pathology. It is the study of origin, symptoms and effect of diseases in plants and animals 

13./ Economic Zoology. It deals with the animals and animal products which are either beneficial or harmful to man. 

14. Systematics or Taxonomy. It is the study of identification, nomenclature and classification 

of plants and animals. It helps in storing the information about living organisms. 

15. Parasitology. It is the study of parasites and host-parasite relationship among plants and animals 

16 Micro-Biology. It deals with the study of micro-organisms. It is divided into Bacteriology i.e.. study of bacteria and virology i.e., study of virus. 

17. Space-biology. It is the study of life in space. It is a new branch, as manis searchingfor life in space. 

18. Marine Zoology. It is the study of marine organisms. 

19. Medicine, Treatment of diseases with drugs. 

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