Budget 2022


So today 1st February 2022 is the day of budget 2022-2023 today our union budget 2022 finance minister nirmala sitharaman will be announced about budget 2022 

The key takeaways from the fourth Budget of the second Narendra Modi government tabled by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the Parliament on Feb 1, 2022. This interactive page is live updating and you can use the filters to have a clearer view of the different important announcements made in Budget 2022. You can also see which products and services would be cheaper after the Budget and what is expected to be costlier.

So guys, isn’t your mind comes to know about the budget 2022, don’t be scared if you guys don’t know about it we will make it simple right now. 

Keep reading for budget 2022 here we’ll give you the live updates about budget 2022. 

In my mind comes a lot of questions. The first question is is the Mobile phone’s or some other large electronic products get cheaper this year ? If so, how much will this be? 

2. Will the healthcare sector or the defence sector get a booster shot from Finance minister Nirmala sitharaman 

Economic development needed 

Some economic questions about budget 2022 

3. Economy well placed GDP Growth At 8-8.5% in FY23 With Economy Survey. 

4. Eco survey raises hopes , Finance minister Nirmala sitharaman must show paths for $ 5-trillion Economy. 

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