Business of Colorful Fish Learn How to Cultivate for the Self-Sufficient

The Business of Colorful Fish is Growing! Learn How to Cultivate for the Self-Sufficient

Wherever you look at an aquarium, your eyes are fixed on the beautiful colorful fish swimming inside, whether it is a house or an aquarium in a large hotel reception room, colorful fish can now be seen in many places. The colorful fish business can also make a person self-sufficient, Here are some special facts about this.

Colorful fish is a wonderful contribution to the nature of l It is one of the most sought after industries in the world.

So how to do colorful fish farming:

  • To be a successful farmer, you need good seeding and proper care, as well as the right place and location. An average of 500 square feet is required for small-scale farming where concrete tanks are built.
  • Lay shadows on tanks or ponds to prevent shadows and climbers from falling into the shadows.
  • Check the acidity of the water well l Species like beta fish, catfish can survive in different acidic water while some other fish like angel, tetra etc. need less acidic water l
  • The unit must have a bio-filter
  • Do not allow one unit of fish to breed frequently for better sowing l It is better to breed fish from any other farm.
  • Use the best quality fish food or pellets available on the market
  • Surviving insects such as gia, blood worms, tubeflexes, etc. are quite useful for fishing.
  • Keep in touch with nearby markets to sell fish
  • Rely on integrated farming methods to make more profits.
  • If the fish is dying in large numbers, contact the nearest fishery department immediately
  • Do not cultivate with too much dry water or iron

Be sure to take part in training workshops before farming l It is also important to keep in touch with the nearest market or market l Also keep all the accessories you need for the aquarium on a commercial basis l Cultivate one species of fish at a time l Goldfish, catfish Betta fish, barb, etc. are in high demand

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