MCQs on Algae

MCQs on Algae Algae Products made from algae are the natural solutions to the energy, foods, economic, and climate challenges facing our whole world today.  Algae have the power to simultaneously puts fuels in our vehicles and recycle CO2, provides nutrition for animals and people and create jobs for millions …

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Asexual Reproduction Of Algae

The cells taking part in reproduction undergo changes to form typical structures which germinate to give rise to a new plant. Asexual reproduction is characterised by chromnosome number which remains the same as that of the parent cells, meiosis being not involved.

What Is The Thallus Structure In Algae

The thallus is an unbranched and uniseriate filament where cells are arranged in a single row… All the cells of a filament are similar. In some species holdfast is present (e.g.. S. fluviatilis) The cells are mostly rectangular and longer than broad. The cell wall is two layered;

What Is Occurrence In Algae

Spirogyra is represented by about 300 species. It is a freshwater alga found free floating on the surface of stagnant pools, ponds, ditches, etc. A few species are also known to grow attached to the substratum

Algae Kingdom Classification

Different proposed Many algologists have classifications of algae. These are based on different characters. However, the algal pigments have still remained the major basis of algal classification.

What Is Parasitism

Cephaleuros virescens, a green alga, is a parasite and causes red rust of tea in some tea growing parts of India, especially Assam. It is known to cause extensive damage to this crop.

What Is Water Blooms

Algae grow abundantly in water reservoirs where and (especially nitrates of nutrients and excess sulphates) are available to them. Such an algal growth floats on the water surface and looks like foam or soap lather.

Algae In Sewage Disposal

The sewage disposal is an aerobic process and production of oxygen from algal photosynthesis helps it. Algae like Chlorella, Scenede smus, Pediastrum, Oscillatoria