CUET 2022 Mathematics Exam Syllabus Break Down 

CUET 2022 Mathematics Exam Syllabus Break Down 

CUET 2022 is a national-level entrance examination conducted by NTA in cooperation with the University Grants Commission for students seeking admission to UG programs at India’s Central Universities. The National Testing Agency has issued the Mathematics syllabus for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

The syllabus for the exam is released along with the CUET eligibility criteria, exam pattern, and other related details in the official notification on the CUET official website.

The CUET 2022 Mathematics syllabus clarifies the topics that will be covered in the exam. The Mathematics syllabus specifies the number of units, topic names, and themes, as well as the crucial information linked to topics. The syllabus is the core of preparation since preparation is impossible without it. Also you should attempt a lot of CUET Test Series to prepare for the exam and get admission in your preferred universities.

On that note, let’s get an overview of the CUET 2022 exam and break down the Mathematics paper syllabus to get a clear idea of what topics you need to cover to crack the exam.

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CUET 2022 Overview

CUET 2022 is divided into three sections. Section I is broken into two sections: Section IA and Section IB. These two portions will be language tests. Section II covers domain-specific themes, while Section III is a broad test. 

The CUET 2022 Mathematics exam paper will be divided into two sections: Section A and Section B. Section B is further subdivided into sections B1 and B2. Section A of the mathematics question paper consists of 15 required questions. These are questions from Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Section B1 will comprise 35 questions, of which 25 must be attempted.

These are Mathematics questions. Section-B2 will also have 35 questions from Applied Mathematics, with applicants required to answer any 25 of them.

Qualified candidates will be admitted to Central Universities, Private Universities, or State Universities of their choice.

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CUET 2022 Mathematics Syllabus

The CUET 2022 Mathematics syllabus includes units and topics from Class 12. All candidates who desire to take the CUET 2022 Mathematics course should be familiar with the syllabus. 

CUET 2022 Mathematics Section -A Syllabus Overview 

The CUET 2022 Mathematics Section-A syllabus is summarised below.

Algebra :

Matrices and types of Matrices

Equality of Matrices

Algebra of Matrices


The inverse of a Matrix


Higher-order derivatives

Tangents and Normals

Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Maxima and Minima

Integration and its Applications:

Indefinite integrals of simple functions

Evaluation of indefinite integrals

Definite Integrals

Application of Integration

Differential Equations:

Order and degree of differential equations

Formulating and solving differential equations

Probability Distributions:

Random variables and their probability distribution

The expected value of a random variable

Variance and Standard Deviation

Binomial Distribution

Linear Programming:

The Linear Programming Problem’s mathematical formulation

Graphical solution approach for two-variable problems

Regions that are feasible and infeasible

Optimal feasible solution

The overview of Mathematics Section –B Syllabus

Section –B1 Syllabus

Relations and Functions:

Relations and Functions

Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Matrices and Determinants


Continuity and Differentiability

Applications of Derivatives


Applications of the Integrals

Differential Equations

Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry:


Three-dimensional Geometry

Linear Programming


Section-B2 Mathematics

Numbers, Quantification, and Numerical Applications: 

Modulo Arithmetic

Congruence Modulo

Allegation and Mixture

Numerical Problems

Boats and Streams and more.


Matrices and types of matrices

Equality of matrices,


Higher-Order Derivatives

Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue using derivatives

Maxima and Minima

Probability Distributions:

Probability Distribution

Mathematical Expectation


Index Numbers and Time-Based Data: 

Index Numbers

Population and Sample

Parameter and Statistics and Statistical Interferences

Time Series

Financial Mathematics:

Perpetuity, Sinking Funds

Valuation of Bonds

Calculation of EMI..etc

Linear Programming:

Introduction and related terminology

Mathematical formulation

Types of Linear Programming Problems and more.

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