Defence General Knowledge Questions & Answers pdf 2021

GK Quiz on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil & Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’

GK Quiz section is a repository of TOP ten Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’ Set I that will help you to attune and equipped in different competitive exams like Indian navy, all defence exams  IAS, State PSC, SSC.

1.Malbar plateau lies on which side of aravali hill range_______? 

A) North-west

B) south -west

C) south -east

D) North -east

Ans. (A) 

2.which of the following river is the tributary of kharkai______? 

A) Mahanadi

B) kaveri

C) Subarnarekha

D) Tapti

Ans. (C) 

3.Which is the largest desert in India_______? 

A) Gobi

B) Thor

C) Sahara

D) Kalahari

Ans. (B) 

4.which of the following  rock formations in India is the richest in fossil content_________? 

A) rift valley 

B) delta 

C) aravali 

D) Gondwana 

Ans. (D) 

5.singarani coal field is situated in which valley______?

A) Krishna valley

B) Godavari valley

C) kaveri valley

D) Tapti valley 

Ans. (B) 

6.which indian state has appeared as the first organic state and cleanest state in the country______? 

A) Goa

B) Tripura 

C) sikkim 

D) madhya pradesh

Ans. (C) 

7.Gir national park in which state_________? 

A) Gujarat

B) Maharashtra

C) Haryana

D) karnataka

Ans. (A) 

8.’Bhangra ‘ is a dance form of which state______? 

A) Himachal pradesh 

B) Maharashtra

C) punjab

D) Tamilnadu


9.which of the following is the highest peak of india__________? 

A) k2

B) mount abu

C) Nanda devi

D) Kanchanjangha

Ans. (D) 

10.which of the river originates as well as ends in the indian territory_______? 

A) indus 

B) chambal

C) kosi

D) brahmaputra

Ans. (B)

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