Demand for Modern Agricultural Machinery

The Demand for Modern Agricultural Machinery is Growing to Make Agriculture a Lucrative Business.

“Agricultural machinery is needed to make agriculture a profitable business.” Even today, various cultivations can be done with the help of modern machinery. However, with the rising cost of agriculture, the need for modern equipment is growing. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.

With the help of agricultural machinery we are able to make a lot of profit, with very little effort, with a lot of hard work; This is called advanced or modern agricultural machinery.

Rice harvester: Walking rice harvester:

With this machine, 2.5.0 quintals of paddy per day can be blown and cleaned. It weighs 45 kilograms and costs Rs 2,600.

Handmade rice blower:

With this machine, two people can fly 18-20 quintals of paddy a day at their convenience and at any time. It weighs about 27 kilograms and costs Rs 1,600.

Powered rice harvesters:

The machine is powered by a horsepower electric motor. This can yield 10-12 quintals of paddy per day. It weighs about 6 kg and costs Rs 4,000.

Rice harvesters and blowers:

The machine runs on a single-horsepower engine and removes 10 to 12 quintals of rice per day from the tree, which can be separated from each other.

Peanut Butter: Bullfighting Peanuts:

With this machine, the almond trees are uprooted and the almonds are lifted from the soil. In addition, the land is free of charge and the land is free of charge. Almonds can be harvested from an acre of land a day with the help of a plow ox. It weighs 11 kilograms and costs Rs 400.

Peanut Butter Harvester:

It takes a person one day to remove 25 kilograms from the root of a peanut tree and uproot it. But with the machine on foot, a person can harvest 220 kilograms of peanuts a day. It costs Rs 2,600.

Peanut Seed Extractor:

With this machine, a person can extract 50 kilograms of peanuts per hour. Its peculiarity is that it can be difficult to remove the seeds by hand, and at a low cost, and at the least damage to the seeds. It weighs 14 kilograms and costs 1,100 rupees.

Power Peanut Butter Chops:

The machine runs on a 0.5-horsepower engine, clearing 2 quintals of peanuts per hour and cleaning the dirt attached to the seeds. It weighs 34 kilograms and costs Rs 4,000.

Water pump: Handmade water pump:

A man can carry it by hand from a depth of 15 feet and lift 5,000 liters of water per hour from wells, ponds, creeks and canals. It weighs about 41 kilograms and costs Rs 2,600.

Farmer Friend Pump:

A person can run the pump on both legs and pump about 3,000 liters of water per hour from wells, ponds, ditches, rivers and canals at a depth of less than 15 feet. It weighs about 14 kg and costs Rs 1,500.

Power Tiller:

Power tillers typically have 10 to 16 horsepower. One person can cultivate about 2.5 acres of land a day. This can lead to dry and muddy farming, trolley transportation, lifting and irrigating water, pesticides, irrigation, paddy harvesting, harvesting, cultivation and so on. It costs around Rs. Millions of dollars.


The tractor usually has 16 to 45 horsepower and can be used by one person to cultivate 6 to 14 acres of land per day.

This allows dry, muddy farming, trolley transporting goods, lifting water, irrigating, running halls, generating 10 to 10.5 kVa of power, generating pesticides, spraying, sowing seeds and fertilizers, cutting and harvesting rice. It costs Rs 250,000. Tractors make farming easier. Used for transportation and for various purposes.

Agricultural Machinery Factory:

It is time to set up agricultural machinery factories in every panchayat in Odisha. Ordinary blacksmiths living in the village can make small-scale agricultural implements. In addition, if unemployed young people are able to create agricultural machinery through training, they can earn between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000 a month.

Establishment of Agricultural Machinery Sales Center:

In every gram panchayat in Odisha, unemployed youths can set up agricultural machinery sales centers and sell agricultural machinery, as well as rent 30 to 40,000 rupees a month by renting power tillers and tractors.

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