Deva Gurjar Kota Death case

Deva Gurjar Kota Death case

Dev Gurjar. On Tuesday, April 5, this name was very much discussed on social media. Deva Gurjar was a gangster from Kota district of Rajasthan. He was murdered on Monday 4 April. Since then, the supporters of Deva Gurjar have created a strong ruckus in Kota.

Who killed Deva Gurjar?

According to media reports, two weeks ago, Deva Gurjar was receiving death threats over the phone. A ransom of Rs 10 lakh was demanded from him. The murder was carried out in a salon in Rawatbhata in Chittor district. According to the news, Deva Gurjar had gone to Rawatbhata to repair his vehicles. During that time he had reached a salon for shaving. There some people came and killed him. According to media reports, more than a dozen henchmen of the rival gang were involved in the murder.

Deva Gurjar was related to Kota of Rajasthan. According to the news of Aaj Tak, since the murder, his supporters have created a ruckus in the district. They have vandalized at many places. The angry mob blocked some vehicles and also set fire to some vehicles. A picture of a burning roadways bus has also surfaced. Due to the violence, there is an atmosphere of tension in Kota, especially in the Borabas area. A large number of police forces have been deployed under the leadership of SP Kota City to bring the situation under control.

People were so angry with the murder that some people tried to create a nuisance even at the mortuary. In response, the police also used mild force. According to the news of Aaj Tak, Kota SP Kesar Singh Shekhawat has said that the situation in Borabas is under control. Meanwhile, the post-mortem of Deva Gurjar’s body was done on Tuesday. On the other hand, representatives of Gujjar society and family members have accused the police of negligence. It is being said on their behalf that Deva Gurjar had given a complaint to the police against some people, but the police did not take action in time.

Who is Deva Gurjar Don?

Deva Gurjar’s name was registered as a history sheeter in Kota’s RKpuram police station. Cases are registered against him in other police stations as well. Deva was also absconding for a long time to escape from the police. Due to his involvement in land-trading cases, he had become a big criminal in the eyes of the police.

Due to being a gangster, Deva Gurjar was a famous person of his area. He was also very active on social media. There are many fake accounts running in his name which are followed by thousands of people. According to media reports, Deva Gurjar has two wives. Both are claimed to be living together.

According to the report of Live Hindustan, the name of some Babu Gurjar gang is coming to the fore in the murder of Deva Gurjar. However, the police have not confirmed this. But the close associates of the deceased allege that it was the Babu Gurjar gang who killed Deva Gurjar.

According to the news, Babu Gurjar and Deva Gurjar were once close. Later, due to differences, their paths parted. Babu formed his own gang. With time, the fight between the two gangs for supremacy in Kota escalated. Now Babu’s gang is being held responsible for Deva’s murder. Police have started raids to nab the attackers. CCTV cameras of the area where the incident happened are being scanned.

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