Don’t Put these Five Things Near Your Head

Be careful! Don’t put this bottle of water near your head, it will ruin your whole life

Bastu Shastra has a special significance in human life. Bastu has many effects on a person’s life. According to Bastu Shastra, the direction of the house and the items kept in the house have some meaning. Some of the dirt that is placed on the scalp during sleep can cause eczema. In addition, sleeping with this thing near your head can lead to poor performance in life. So let’s find out what not to put near the head while sleeping …

Ecologically, newspapers, books, magazines, etc. should never be kept near the head. Doing so leads to negativity in life. In addition, there is unnecessary stress in life.

Hemdasta: –

According to the Bastu scriptures, the hemp should not be placed near the head while sleeping at night. Keeping it in place creates tension in the marital relationship. In addition, there is a lack of happiness and peace in life.

Water Bottle: –

According to Bastu Shastra, water-filled bowls should never be placed near the head. This is because it affects the Moon, which can lead to mental illness.

Purse: –

According to the Bastu scriptures, purses, wallets should not be placed under the head or pillow. Doing so can lead to financial problems in life.

Shoe-slippers: –

Most people take off their shoes and slippers at bedtime. According to Bastu Shastri, this is not the case. Doing so brings negative energy to life.

Oil: –

According to Bastu Shastra, oil bottles should not be placed near the head. In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and resources but returns no sales.

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