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(Introduction – characteristics-how is it invented ?- talent How do they help us practically ? disadvantages-conclusion) 

Computer, the wonderful brainchild of man, has proved to be more miraculous than the mythical Aladdin’s lamp. There is hardly any field of activity which is not managed by computers. The word computer is derived from the word compute. Compute means reckon or calculating.

Superb accuracy and lightning speed are the tanks, offices characteristics of computers. Computerisation of banks, factories and shops has proved to be a great boon in boon in ten accuracy, precision and cost efficiency. Computer of puters forecast weather for us. They print newspapers and books, drinks, diagnose diseases and prescribe treatment. They are used for hunting and invoicing. They prepare payroll and keep the stock alanca in their memory. They are used to book tickets on air flights and in trains. Computers operate machines and cut shapes out of sheer metal. Computers guide space crafts and receive signals from them Computers help soldiers in analysing datas and information of various types.

During World War II the U.S Army felt the need of a machine to provide accurate calculation to fire at a moving object. The Ballistic Research Laboratory of the U.S Army Ordnance Department started working with Moore School of Electrical Engineering towards inventing a fast calculating machine in 1942. They dedicated the world’s first computer ENIAC on 15th Feb. 1946.

The computers have gone through a sea change since 1946. No more they are just calculating machines. The chip has acquired superb accuracy. can execute over a million instructions per second. A computer termed Genius-2 defeated the Russian grand masti Gary Kasperov in chess. Genius-2 was capable of executing 6 million instructions per second.

A great change has come into the shape and size of computers. Each new generation computer becomes smaller and faster. Now PCS (Personal Computers) have become a common thing. Laptop computers can be hooked to any Phone outlet and can get attached to a network. Consequently the world is turning to a global village. Knowledge and information is spreading fast due to computers.

Computers are feared to leave many jobless. But it has Proved to be a vague fear. Computers provide millions of jobs in software and hardware sectors. It has become a good source of employment and empowerment in a developing country like India.

The chip has proved to be more accurate and faster than the brain which has discovered it. So it is feared that the chip may surpass the cranium. But such fears are baseless. Computers act on information. It can never act independently. Computers Simply process the information or data provided to it. Computing is a method of recording, manipulating and retrieving information. It cannot create anything like the human brain.

Computers have their disadvantages. Sometimes they commit mistakes. Their mistakes cause much inconvenience. Smugglers of false-currencies print fake-currencies with the help of computers. With the help of computers, false stamp papers are also printed and marketed, causing loss of crores of rupees to the nation’s exchequer. However the advantages of computers outweigh its disadvantages.

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