Essay on Science in Our Everyday Life Complete Essay for class 10, class 12 and graduation and other classes.


Essay on “science in everyday life” complete essay for class 10, class 12 and graduation and other classes.

Science a harbinger of happiness- gifts of science that we use in our daily life machines that have relieved man of strenuous manual operation medicines  conclusion.

Science has been the greatest harbinger of human happiness. Science has opened and enlarged new frontiers of human knowledge, information, comforts and conveniences. The primitive man led a life of utter privation and misery. The modern man has become more healthy, wealthy and wise. He is today rolling in leisure and pleasure with the blessings of science. The achievements of Science have added considerably to the comforts and amenities of life. Science has brought about a great transformation in the domain of knowledge, education and entertainment.

The marvellous gifts of science that we use in our day to day life are so vast in number and so varied in nature that it is not possible to make a comprehensive list of them all. For all the twenty four hours of the day science has been serving us with innumerable products. At some fixed hour in the morning the alarm of a clock rouses us from sleep. It is a blessing of science. The building we live in, the beds we sleep on, the furniture we handle, even the tooth-brush and the tooth-paste we use for cleansing our teeth, and our comfortable bathrooms fitted with modern accessories, all bear the stamp of science on them. The clothes we wear, the books we read, the pens we write with, the vehicles we ride or use for carrying our loads and the roads these vehicles move along, the medicines we take or the surgical operations we undergo in our illness, all are the fruits of science. We have made cooking easy and economical by using gaS-Ovens, electric heaters, solar-heaters and pressure- cookers. We can keep our food fresh for a considerable period of time in refrigerators. We cool ourselves with electric fans or air coolers, and make the night look brighter than the day with the help of electric lights. Science has also introduced radio, telegraph, television, telephone, internet facilities, e-mail opportunities and has converted the world to a family. The artificial satellites sent up into

the sky, gO on rotating the earth keeping us informed on many aspects of the earth.

Then there are the machines which have relieved many of strenuous manual operations in industry and agriculture. The ordinary hammer of the blacksmith has been changed into a trip- hammer which delivers its blows automatically. The crane lifts heavy loads and the elevators carry us to the top-floor of a multi-storeyed building within a few seconds, thus totally relieving us of the strain of going up a series of stairs. Tractors and many other machines are now being used in different agricultural operations like ploughing, harrowing, sowing, harvesting and pest-controlling. Calculators are used to make mathematical calculations. Computers help us in banks, hospitals, post-offices, stations, schools and libraries everywhere.

Medical science is now as much developed as to cure almost all diseases which were previously known as incurable. We are recovering quickly and operations are done without causing any pain to the patients. In this way science has been invariably linked up with various aspects of our everyday life.

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