Evolution Questions and Answers For NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER

Evolution Questions and Answers For NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER

This Evolution NEET questions are the most important part of NEET Exam 2021 as it contains total 25 marks and carry good weightage. Here we the team livelearns have discussed the total evolution NEET question which gives you a complete idea about type of questions that will be asked in evolution NEET exam. So just prepare evolution NEET questions and make sure, you qualify NEET exam in your 1st attempt. Evolutions

Have a look  Evolution: Theory and History of Evolution, Origin of Life, Evidences of Evolution 

  1. Life arose in:

(b) Air
(a) Land
(c) Mountain.
(d) Ocean. (C.H.S.E. 2000)

  1. Mutation theory was proposed by :

(b) De Vries
(a) Darwin
(d) Lamarch.
(c) Mendel

  1. Lamarck’s theory of evolution..

(b) claimed that heredity could be modified
(a)was based on natural selection
(d) did not account for fossil
(c) claimed that giraffe had a long neck. (J.E.E. 1996)

  1. The study of extinct animals is called.

(b) Ornithology
(a) Herpetology
(d) Palaeontology. .(J.E.E. 1995)
(c) Geology

  1. One of the following is most direct and convicing evidence of evolution

(b) Fossils
(a) Vestigeal organs
(d)DNA hybridization. .(C.P.M.T. 1995)
(c) Atvastic characters

26, One of the following is a vestigeal organ.rn

(b) Collar bone
(a) Eye brow
(d) Nails. .(C.P.M.T. 1995)
(c) Wisdom teeth

  1. Golden age of reptiles is.

(b) Paleozoic
(a) Archeozoic
(d) Coenozoic
(c) Mesozoic

  1. Connecting link between reptile and mammal is

(b) Duck billod platypus
(a) Echidna
(c) None
(d) Both a & b

  1. Which is connecting link between reptiles and birds.

(b) Archeopteryx
(a) Platypus
(d) Kangaroo
(c) Echidna

  1. Which one of the following was absent in the atmosphere at the time of origin of life
    (b) O2
    (a) CH4
    (d) NH3
    (c) H2
  2. One set of the following is vestigeal in man. Find it out_________

(a) Vermiform appendix, hairs and cochelea
(b) Coccyx, vermifom appendix, ear muscles
(d) Ear muscles, vertebrae, hairs
(c)Wisdom tooth, cocoyx, eye lids

  1. Natural selection theory of Darwin is objected, because it…

(a) Stresses upon slow and small variations
(c) Explains natural calamities with heavy toll
(b) Stresses upon interspecific struggle
(d) None of the above

  1. Galapagos islands are associated with the visit of

(b) Charles Darwin
(a) Jean Lamarck
(d) All the above
(c) Alfred Wallace

  1. Theory of Biogenesis states that life originated from..

(b) Pre-existing life
(a) No-living things
(c) Pre-existing fossils
(a) None

  1. Spontaneous generation theory was given by.

(b) Richter
(a) Anaximan
(c) F. Redi
(d) Aristotle

  1. Which of the fossil man is most recent ?

(a) Cro-Magnon
(b) Neanderthal
() Zinjanthropus
(d) Sinanthropus

  1. In his classic experiment on the formation of amino acids, Stanley Miller passed an electctric discharge in a mixture of..

(a) Steam, methane, hydrogen and ammonia
(b) Methane, CO2, oxygen and hydrogen
(c) Ammonia, oxygen, hydrogen and steam
(d) Methane, hydrogen, nitrogen and steam

  1. The scientist who rejected theory of spontaneous generation by conducting experiment swan-necked flaskS is.

(a) Von Helmont
(b) Louis Pasteur
(c) Miller
(d) Haeckel. (C.P.M.T. 1980)

  1. The ultimate source of organic variation is

(a) Natural selection
(b) Sexual reproduction
(c) Hormonal action
(d) Mutations

  1. Analogous structures are.

(a) Structürally similar
(b) Functionally similar
(c) Structurally and functionally simlar
(d) Normally non-functionable

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