Food web in an Ecosystem | Food web Definition Biology

In an ecosystem, an isolated food chain does not exist. There is an interconnection of various food chains in ecosystem. This interconnection of many food chains is called as food web, A food web expresses the pattern of energy and nutrient flow, throughout the ecosystem. 

A food web can be explained by a simple example, The plants and crop are eatenby rats, insect and also by rabbit. The rat in turn is consumed by snake and insect is Ecosystem eaten by a lizard. The snake, lizard and rabbit all can be consumed by a hawk. In thisway a network of interconnecting organisms is obtained which is known as food web. 

Food web - Biology Notes for IGCSE 2014

Food web can be defined as “a network of food chains which are interconnected at various trophic level, so as to form a number of feeding connections amongst different organisms of a biotic community”  It is also known as consumer-resource system. The interconnected, numerous good chains through which the energy flow in the ecosystem is known as food web. 

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