Genetics and Evolution Important Questions With Answers pdf

Genetics and Evolution NEET Questions With Answers free pdf

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science Biology Genetics and Evolution: In this article, we will provide you detailed NCERT Solutions For class 12 science biology Genetics and Evolution. These heredity and evolution class 10 exercise answers were prepared by the best faculty in India to score good marks in the subject Science. Also working on NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science biology topic Genetics and Evolution  will give you a strong foundation on the competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, etc., Read on to find out everything about NCERT Solutions For Class 11 and 12 Science Chapter of Heredity and Evolution.


1. Which of the following acts as a vehicle of genetic material ?

(a) Nucleosome

(6) Centrosomes

(c) Ribosomes

(d) Chromosomes

Ans. D

2. The member of the allelic pair which does not express in the presence of the other member is called as

(a) Hypostatic

(b) Epistatic

(d) Complementary

(c) Recessive

Ans. C

3. The scientist who converted Mendel’s work into Laws of Genetics was

(6) Hugo de vries artist iqo

(a) Carl Correns

(d) Morgan

(c) Tschermak

Ans. A

4. The term factor was proposed by

(a) Correns

(b) Mendel

(c) Tschermak

(d) Morgan

Ans. A

5. Mendel was born in the year-3

(a) 1819

(b) 1832

(c) 1821

(d) 1822

Ans. D

6. Organisms phenotypically similar but genotypically dissimilar are due to the phenomenon of

(a) Mutations

(6) Heterozygosity 

(c) Multi Zygosity

(d) Monozygosity

Ans. B

7. In which generation the segregation of allelic phenotypes take place

(a) F⁰

(b) F¹

(c) F2

(d) F³

Ans. C

8. How many chromosomes contained the genes of the pairs of contrasts characters studied by Mendel ?

(a) 1 Pair

(b) 2 Pair

(c) 3 Pair

(d) 4 Pair

Ans. D

9. The 4 daughter cells derived from a single meiosis differ from each other due to

(a) Difference is chromosome number

(b) Crossing over only

(c) Independent assortment of chromosomes only

(d) Crossing over as well as independent assortment of chromosomes

Ans. D

10. Inheritance of ABO Blood Group demonstrates the phenomenon of

(a) Multiple allelism

(b) Polygeny


(d) Pleiotropy

Ans. A

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