Genetics and Evolution Important Questions With Free Answers Pdf

Genetics and Evolution NEET Questions With Answers pdf

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science Biology Genetics and Evolution: In this article, we will provide you detailed NCERT Solutions For class 12 science biology Genetics and Evolution. These heredity and evolution class 10 exercise answers were prepared by the best faculty in India to score good marks in the subject Science.

Also working on NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science biology topic Genetics and Evolution  will give you a strong foundation on the competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, etc., Read on to find out everything about NCERT Solutions For Class 11 and 12 Science Chapter of Heredity and Evolution.

16. A cross between an offspring and either of its parents is called

(a) Back Cross

(b) Dihybrid cross

(d) Reciprocal cross

(C) Monohybrid cross

Ans. A

17. The type of backcross which distinguish between a homozygous dominant and a heterozygous genotype is

(6) Reciprocal Cross

(a) Test Cross

(d) None of the abovelggi

(C) Dihybrid Cross

Ans. A

18. Which is the only universally true Law of Mendel ?

(b) Law of segregation

(a) Law of Dominance

(c) Law of Purity of Gametes d

(d) Both b and c

Ans. D

19.What is the exception to the Law of Independent assortment?

(b) Linkage

(a) Crossing over

(d) Epistasis

(c) Recombination

Ans. B

20. The term ‘Gene’ was proposed by

(b) Mendel

(a) Morgan

(d) Johanssen

(c) Bateson

Ans. D

21. The term Genetics’ was introduced by

(a) Morgan

(b) Mendel

(C) Correns

(d) Bateson

Ans. D

22. The term Genotype’ was introduced by

(a) Johanssen

(b) Castle

(c) Correns

(d) Morgan

Ans. A

23. The term Homozygous’ was introduced by

(a) Bateson

(b) Johanssen

(c) Saunders

(d) Both a and c

Ans. D

24. Polygeny was proposed by

(a) Mendel

(b) Morgan

(c) Stanley

(d) None of the above

Ans. D

25. Polygeny was proposed by Human skin colour is a case of

(a) Pleiotropy

(b) Polygeny

(C)Multiple allelism

(d) Epistasis

Ans. B

26. The inheritance of flower colour by Lathyrus odoratus is a phenomenon of

(a) Complementary genes

(b) Supplementary genes

(c)Dominant Epistasis

(d) Incomplete Dominance

Ans. A

27. Which plant was used by Correns to demonstrate incomplete dominance

(a) Pea Plant

(b) Lathyrus odoratus

(c) Mirabilis jalapa

(d) None of the above

Ans. C

28. What is the phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation in complementary genes phenomenon ?

(a) 9:7

(b) 9:3:4

(c) 12:3:1

(d) 9:3 :3:1

Ans. A

29. What is the phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation as demonstrated by supplementary genes ?

(a) 9:3

(b) 9:3:3:1

(c) 12:3:1

(d) 9:3: 4

Ans. D

30. The phenotypic ratio demonstrated by dominant epistasis in the F2 generation is

(a) 9:6:1

(b) 9:3:3:1


(d) 9:7

Ans. C

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