GK Questions and Answer on Indian Geography

GK Questions and Answer on Indian Geography

The Live Learns welcomes you to GK Quiz with Answer which helps in your upcoming preparation for different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. Although, today’s competitive examination are in evolving new trend of mixing traditional and untraditional questions, So here we are giving Multiple Type Question on ‘Basic Geography and General Geography Physical Features of India ’ that attune and equipped in different competitive examination.

GK Quiz on Indian Geography: Basic General Geography quiz Set 02

1.yanam and mahe  are belongs to union territory of:

A) chandigarh

B) Puducherry

C) Delhi

D) Dadra and nagar Haveli and Daman diu

Ans. (B) 

2.which is India’s first marine National park? 

A) Arbian sea 

B) The Gulf of khambhat

C) Bay of Bengal

D) The Gulf of mannar 

Ans. (D) 

3.polavaram  project is located in which of the following states? 

A) punjab

B) Andhrapradesh

C) Tamilnadu

D) Kerala

Ans. (B) 

4.The main branch of river Ganga in Bangladesh is known by which name? 

A) meghna 

B) kalindi

C) padma 

D) jamuna 


5.In which of the following states ghaghar is the main and only seasonal river? 

A) Haryana

B) Punjab

C) Rajasthan

D) Uttar Pradesh

Ans. (A) 

6.which state has most of the jute Mills in india? 

A) odisha

B) Bihar

C) West Bengal

D) Tamilnadu

Ans. (C) 

7.Botanic garden of India republic is located in the following city? 

A) kolkata

B) Noida

C) lucknow

D) bangalore

Ans. (B) 

8.Garba dance form originated from which state? 

A) Assam

B) Himachal pradesh

C) Maharashtra

D) Gujarat

Ans. (D) 

9.At which of the hills Eastern ghats and western ghats joints? 

A) palani hill

B) Nilgiri hill

C) anamudi hill

D) shevaroy hill

Ans. (B) 

10.Indian maritime university is located in :

A) chennai

B) kochi

C) bangalore

D) mumbai

Ans. (A)

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