GK Questions and Answers For NAVY, SSC GD

GK Questions and Answers For NAVY, SSC GD

The Indus Valley Civilisation was followed by another great civilisation and culture known as Vedic ERA . The Aryans were the originators of the civilisation. Here, we the team LIVE LEARNS are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers on the Vedic Civilisation and Culture which are designed to the evolving nature of different competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, IAS-prelims, SSC, CDS, NDA, NAVY, and Railways etc.

1. What is the correct chronological order in which the following kings ruled in India?

1. Bimbisara 

2. Mahapadma nanda

3. Kanishka I 

4. Skanda Gupta

Select the correct answer:

A. 1,2,3,4

B. 4,3,2,1

C. 2,3,4,1

D. 3,1,4,2

Ans: A

2. What is the Vedic name of river Ravi?

A. Purushni

B. Chandrabhaga

C. Arjikiya

D. Satadru

Ans: A

3. The Rigvedic God varuna was_________

A. Harbinger of peace

B. Destroyer of foes

C. Guardian of the cosmic order

D. God of prosperity

Ans: C

4. Which one of the following was a corporation of merchants in ancient India?

A. Parishad

B. Chaturvedi Mangalam

C. Ashtadiggajas

D. Manigrama

Ans: D

5. Which is the correct meaning of the term rule of primogeniture?

A. Favorite son inheriting his father’s estate

B. Eldest son inheriting his father’s estate

C. Division of the inheritance among all the sons

D. Division of inheritance among all the sons and daughters

Ans: B

6. Which social practice was not pursued during Vedic period?

A. People could change their occupation

B. Inter caste marriage was allowed

C. Food cooked by the Shurdras was not taken

D. Sati, or self immolation upon death of husband was not known

Ans: C

7. The purusha sukta, which refers to the origin of caste, is found in the?

A. Atharvaveda

B. Rigveda

C. Samaveda

D. Yajurveda

Ans: B

8. Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through south East Asia?

A. Social mobility

B. Cultural diffusion

C. Ethnocentrism

D. Interdependence

Ans: A

9. The famous grammarian Panini hailed from which of the maha janapadas?

A. Gandhara

B. Kamboja

C. Vatsa

D. Avanti

Ans: A

10. In the context to Indian society, which one of the following terms doesn’t belong to the category of the other three?

A. Kula

B. Vansa

C. Kosa

D. Gotra

Ans: C

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