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GK Quiz on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil & Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’

GK Quiz section is a repository of TOP ten Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’ Set I that will help you to attune and equipped in different competitive exams like Indian navy, all defence exams  IAS, State PSC, SSC.

1.which region is the most ideal region for cultivation of cotton in india_________? 

A) Rann of kutch

B) Brahmaputra valley

C) Indo-Gangetic valley

D) Deccan plateau

Ans. (D) 

2.marari beach is situated in which state______? 

A) Maharashtra

B) Kerala

C) karnataka

D) Tamilnadu

Ans. (B) 

3.what is the total length of the coastline of mainland india_________? 

A) 6100km

B) 7934km

C) 6476km

D) 6100km

Ans. (D) 

4.kullu valley is formed by which river_______? 

A) Tapti

B) Ganga

C) Beas

D) Ravi

Ans. (C) 

5.what is the total percent of mangrove cover of the world found in india______? 

A) 3.9%

B) 3.3%


D) 2.4%

Ans. (B) 

6.Garba dance form originated from which state_____? 

A) Maharashtra

B) Bihar 

C) karnataka

D) Gujarat

Ans. (D) 

7.kaziranga National park is situated in which state___________? 


B) sikkim

C) Arunachal pradesh 

D) punjab

Ans. (A) 

8.which is known as the sorrow of Bengal__________? 

A) Hooghly

B) Ganga

C) Damodar

D) kosi

Ans. (C) 

9.Indira sagar dam is situated in which state 

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) karnataka

C) odisha

D) punjab

Ans. (A) 

10.which state has the highest forest cover in India__________? 

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) west Bengal

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Bihar 

Ans. (C)

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