GK Questions & Answers on Indian Geography

GK Questions & Answers on Indian Geography

The Live Learns welcomes you to GK Quizzes with Answers PDF which helps in your upcoming preparation for different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. Although, today’s competitive examination is evolving in a new trend of mixing traditional and nontraditional questions, So here we are giving Multiple Type Questions on ‘Basic Geography and General Geography Physical Features of India ’ that are attune and equipped in different competitive examinations.

“Indian Geography” Complete Questions & Answers with PDF Below.

GK Quiz on Indian Geography: Basic General Geography quiz Set 04

1.The percentage of irrigated land in india :

A) 62

B) 35

C) 37

D) 54

Ans. (B) 

2.The paithan hydro electric project, is on the river:

A) Narmada 

B) kaveri 

C) Ganga

D) Gadavari

Ans. (D) 

3.what is the predominant type of Indian agriculture? 

A) plantation agriculture

B) commercial agriculture

C) Subsistence agriculture

D) Extensive agriculture

Ans. (C) 

4.what is the percentage of earth surface covered by india? 

A) 2.4

B) 3.6

C) 2.6

D) 2.8

Ans. (A) 

5.which of the following is the oldest oil field in india? 

A) Bombay High, Maharashtra

B) Navagam, Gujarat

C) Anleswar, Gujarat

D) Digboi, Assam

Ans. (D)

6.The shimla convention is an agreement that defines :

A) shimla as the capital of Himachal pradesh 

B) Boundary between India and tibet

C) shimla as a tourists spot

D) none of the above 

Ans. (B) 

7.The oldest rocks in India are located in :

A) Dharwar region, karnataka

B) siwalik range, Punjab

C) vindhya range , Madhyapradesh

D) Aravalli region, Rajasthan

Ans. (A) 

8.which is the largest of all the West following rivers of the peninsular India? 

A) krishna 

B) kaveri

C) Narmada 

D) Tapti

Ans. (C) 

9.Which is the smallest state in India area wise?

A) Goa

B) sikkim 

C) mizoram

D) Nagaland

Ans. (A) 

10.which of  the following rivers does not originate in the indian Territory? 

A) satluj

B) Ganga

C) Brahmaputra

D) Mahanadi 

Ans. (C)

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