Important Questions and Answers for GPAT, NIPER, NEET PDF

Questions & Answers for GPAT, NIPER, NEET PDF

Before we discuss these medical questions with Answers, we have to know the most important questions for GPAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR NET, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam and all  medical exams. total questions: 125 questions, related to different subjects like Pharmaceutics and Chemistry Total Marks: 500 Marks. so kindly do check it. Our live learns team prepared these NIPER question papers with answers pdf GPAT questions with answers for you free in pdf format. It is easy to ace your exam.

1.Which of the following definitions of an asymmetric reaction is the most accurate?

(a) A reaction that creates a new chiral centre in the product

(b) A reaction that involves a chiral reagent

(c) A reaction which creates a new chiral centre with selectivity for one enantiomer/ diastereomer over another

(d) A reaction that is carried out on an asymmetric starting material


2. What software programme is used to determine the Verloop steric parameter in QSAR?

(a) Alchemy 

(b) Chem3D 

(c) Sterimol 

(d) Chem-Draw


3. The oral oligosaccharide hypoglycemic agent, which is administered at the start of the meal is:-

(a) Pioglitazone 

(b) Miglitol 

(c) Acarbose 

(d) Glimepride


4. Which functional group is crucial for antimalarial activity of artemisinin?

(a) Aldehydic functional group 

(b) Ethylene bridge

(c) Ketone functional group 

(d) Peroxide bridge


5. Select the drug which exhibits dual alpha and beta adrenergic receptor agonists activity.

(a) Terbutaline 

(b) Clonidine 

(c) Metaproterenol 

(d) Dobutamine


6. Which of the following replacements of amino acid in a protein may produce the greatest change in its conformation?

(a) Ser –> Thr 

(b) Glu  –>Val 

(c) Gln  –> Tyr 

(d) Phe  –>Ile 


7. The hexose monophosphate pathway produces distinctively two useful products. Identify these products with the ratio in which they are produced.

(a) One NADPH to two ribose-6-phosphate 

(b) Two NADPH to one ribose-5-phosphate

(c) Two NADPH to one ribulose-5-phosphate 

(d) Two NADPH to one fructose-6-phosphate

ANS:-  B

8. The correct statement about Vitamin D is:-

(a) The oral administration of 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol is required in chronic renal failure

(b) 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol is the active form of the vitamin

(c) Vitamin D antagonizes the effects of parathyroid hormone

(d) A deficiency of vitamin D causes an increase in calcitonin secretion


9. All of the following enzymes are used in ELISA except:-

(a) Glucose oxidase 

(b) Alkaline phosphatase

(c) Coagulase 

(d) Beta-galactosidase


10. Which method is used for the Limit test for arsenic?

(a) Gutzeit method 

(b) Oswald method

(c) Arrhenius method 

(d) Karl-Fischer method


11. The agent used to prevent the dental caries is:-

(a) Sodium fluoride 

(b) Strontium chloride

(c) Zinc chloride 

(d) Dicalcium phosphate


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