In the famous trio – Lal, Bal, Pal – who was Pal?

In the famous trio – Lal, Bal, Pal – who was Pal?

A. Bipin Lala Lajpat Rai

B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

C. Bipin Gangadhar Tilak

D. Bipin Chandra Pal


D. Bipin Chandra Pal.


1. Who takes the salute at the grand parade on Republic Day in New Delhi?

2. Who is popularly known as ‘Father of Indian Constitution’?

3. When did India adopt its Constitution?

4. Which important human right is protected in Article 21 of the Constitution of India?

5. Who unfurls the National Flag in the Republic Day ceremony in the state capitals?

6. National Bravery Awards are given to children for their indispensible courage on ?

7. From which Constitution was the Concept of a Five Year Plan borrowed into the Indian Constitution?

8. What is the provision of Article 155 of Indian Constitution?

9. The Republic Day parade starts from 

10. The ceremony known as ‘Beating Retreat’ is held at

REPUBLIC DAY (26th JANUARY) Questions and Answers

11. Who is known as the “Father of the Indian Constitution”?

12. The Indian Constitution was prepared in how many days?

13. The Beating Retreat Ceremony takes place on which date?

14. ​India shows its Military Might on?

15. In the famous trio – Lal, Bal, Pal – who was Pal?

16. The centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s arrival in South Africa was celebrated in

17. How many Gun Salutes are presented to the President on Republic Day

18. What did the Param Vir Chakra replace when India became a Republic?

19. Two newspapers had been started by Lokmanya Tilak for the Indians during the freedom struggle? One was The Maratha. Name the other.

20. The Republic Day Parade starts from?


1.Construction of the famous Jagannath temple of Puri was started by?

2.Bhadraka inscription gives a description of which dynasty of Odisha?

3.Hiuen Tsang visited Odisha in?

4.The bathe of Giria was fought between?

5.Who were the first Europeans to enter Odisha?

7.The term “Pioneers of Press in Odisha” refers to?

8.Who among the following planned to launch similar movements like the Civil disobedience movement of Mahatma Gandhi in Odisha?

9.The treaty of Deogarh signed in?

10.Swaraj Sevak Sangh was established with the aim of?

11.Who is known as the Gandhi of Odisha?

12.Railway in coastal Odisha started in?

13.Who gave the title “Utkalmani” to Gopabandhu Das?

14.Which Odishan leader went to London for the First Round table conference in 1930?

15.Who among the following was/ were the women freedom fighter of Odisha

16.The decision of the Individual civil disobedience movement was taken in which session of INC?

17.Which among the following was the first Odia newspaper?

18.Odisha comes under which coastal zone of India?

19.Which among the following pair is known as the Twin city of Odisha?

20.Which one is responsible for rainfall in Odisha?

21.Hundru falls is situated over which river?

22.Which among the following rivers is/ are originated from Chotanagpur plateau?

23.Groundnut production is highest in which district of Odisha?

24.State Potato Mission of Odisha was implemented in which year?

25.What is the full form of the KALIA scheme which was launched by the Odisha government?

26.NABARAD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) was founded in which year?

27.What is the main objective of Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana (BKKY)?

28.In which place of Odisha Government cattle breeding farm is located?

29.What is the annual per capita egg availability in Odisha?

30.Animal Disease Research Institute (ADRI) is situated in which district of Odisha?

31.Platinum deposits of Odisha found in which among the following districts?

32.Aluminium park of Odisha situated in which district?

33.Alumina refinery of Odisha is situated at which place?

34.Renowned caustic soda plant Jayshree Chemical Ltd is situated beside which river of Odisha?

36.The National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) of Odisha gets its coal supply from which place?

37.Which among the following IT parks is/ are situated in Odisha?

38.Rengali Irrigation Project is situated across which river?

39.What is the total wind power potential of Odisha?

40.Which among the following National Highways is/ are passed through Odisha?

41.Which of the following varieties of silk is less popular in Odisha

42.Which among the following is/ are Hydel power stations of Odisha?

43.The first Biomass power project of Odisha was set up in which district?

44.Which among the following is/ are correct about the Biju Saharanchal Vidyutikaran Yojana of Odisha?

45.Savitri Jindal Airport is situated in which district of Odisha?

46.The headquarters of Central Inland Water Transport Corporation is situated in which city?

47.Who was the editor of the newspaper “Asha”?

48.As per the 2019 report, what is the teledensity percentage of Odisha circle?

49.Which of the following is the first online magazine of Odisha?

50.Which part of Odisha was conquered by the British in the very beginning?

51.The Orissa post and telegraph office was established in which year?

52.Kalahandi falls under which postal circle of Odisha?

53.Which of the following is the first online magazine of Odisha?

54.Who suggested the separation of the Hindi and the Odia areas from Bengal?

55.Philip Duff committee was appointed in which year?

56.What was the main purpose of appointing the Philip Duff committee?

57.Which among the following is/ are the qualifications required to become a member of the Legislative Assembly?

58.Who decides whether a bill is a money bill or not?

59.Who is the first Governor of Odisha after India’s independence?

60.Who is the first woman judge of Odisha?

61.Who decides whether a bill is a money bill or not?

62.Who is the first women judge of Odisha?

63.Which among the following personalities is/ are served as the Chief Justice of Odisha as well as the Chief Justice of the High Court?

64.The high court has Appellate Jurisdiction in which of the following cases?

65.The headquarters of the Central division is situated in place?

66.Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Municipal Corporation?

67.Which among the following is/ are true about the BIJU KBK Plan?

68.The famous freedom fighter Bagha Jatin was injured and died in which district of Odisha while fighting the British?

69.Mayurbhanj district merged with Odisha in which year?

70.The Bargarh district was separated from Sambalpur district in which year?

71.Barabati Fort is situated in which district of Odisha?

72.Which of the following waterfalls is situated near the Tensa Hill Station?

73.Which among the following is/ are the objectives of Odisha Tourism Policy 2016?

74.Who among the following is/ are associated with religious works of Odia literature?

75.Who is the writer of the famous play of ‘Bhata’?

76.Who created the Purnachandra Odia Bhashakosha in Odia language?

77.Odisha Ikat was given the GI tag in which year?

78.The Paika dance originated from which of the following districts of Odisha?

79.Paika dance is mainly performed during which of the festivals?

80.Which among the following types of Puppetry is/ are found in Odisha?

81.Paika dance is mainly performed during which of the following festivals?

82.Which of the following dance forms of Odisha is similar to the Karaga dance of Mysore?

83.Oxford Odissi Centre was founded by which of the following personalities of Odisha?

84.Which among the following deitins is/ are a part of the Ashokastami Festival of Odisha?

85.What is the name of the first Odia film with an English name?

86.Which of the following sports events of Odisha is also known as ‘Standing Game’?

87.Padmini Rout is associated with which of the following sports events of Odisha?

88.Which of the following sportspersons of Odisha won two silver medals in 2018 ‘Asian Games’ held in Jakarta?

89.Which of the following personalities of Odisha won the Jnanpith Award in the year 2011?

90.The paintings of which of the following tribes of Odisha is known as Ikon?

91.What is the name of the first modern school in Odisha?

92.Which of the following matches of universities of Odisha with their respective campus name is/ are correct?

93.Which district of Odisha has the highest literacy rate as per the census 2011?

94.Bondas are the oldest tribal group of which of the following districts of Odisha?

95.Which district of Odisha has the highest literacy rate as per the census 2011?

96.Mission Purvodaya which is aimed at making Odisha the steel hub of India is a joint venture between the Government of India and which of the following countries?

97.Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana was started in which year?

99.Who of the following is the first woman chief minister of Odisha?

100.Which of the following is the state animal of Odisha?


1. What is the abbreviation of e-VIN that was seen in the news recently?

2. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) approved acquisition of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company by which company?

3. The Oil India Limited (OIL) has brought in a Snubbing unit from which country, to tackle the Baghjan oilfield blow-out?

4. Which is the only corporatized major port of India?

5. India extended the MoU with which country, for cooperation on nuclear energy for 10 more years?

6. India’s largest hockey stadium is planned to be set up in which state?

7. Which organisation recently deployed its all-women team for contingency duties?

8. India’s first Amputee clinic has been recently launched in which city/UT?

9. IRCTC has launched which new booking feature recently?

10. Where is the Central Institute of Brackish water Aquaculture (CIBA) located?

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