India On a Brief | History and Culture | Do you really know about the unknown facts about India

If I ask you have you heard about India ?

You will say like….aabey s@@le. 😂

But if I ask you what are those things which strow the attention of whole world to our all India.

You will say like; The unity among the diversity The cultural heritage and the curious history of the largest republic of the world. Yes the cultural heritage and and the curious history


Dear friends in this segment I’m going to discuss about some historical geographycal and cultural heritage of India.
So, stay tuned and keep reading……. let’s get started.

Geographical location and facts

The South Asian Nation India, it’s surrounded by Pakistan on the west, Arabian sea on the south west, The Indian Ocean on the south, the bay of Bengal on the southeast, Bangladesh and myanmar on the East, China Nepal, Bhutan on the North,



It contains 28 States and 8 union Territories and approximately 130 million of people of different religion, different culture and different languages lives in it with a pure brotherhood in their heart. 450 languages,450 languages yes approximately 450 languages, approximately 450 languages has been used by the people in India it’s surprising nah.

Base of Heritage : secularism

Muslim celebrating Diwali

Yes India believes in secularism, and the brotherhood of the scale of secularism can be defined by seeing the Hindu observing Ramazan and Iftar and the Muslim celebrating Holi and Diwali.

History of India

Ancient India and Indus valley civilization.


By approximately fifty five thousands years ago first morden human named homosapien at arrived India . Then they started cultivating on the bank of Ravi and indu…then they established the first civilization on India. Named the Indus valley civilization. Will definitely heard about the and hardpan civilization on India, yes that’s the civilization.

Vedic Era

Vedic Era

And then in Vedic Era different civilization has been established in the different river bank of india. They choose rever bank because water is essential for cultivating and they get water for their cultivation form the river.

Sone ki chidiya

Sone ki chidiya golden bird is known as India

Containing a huge amount of resources and magnificent arcetecture. India is named as sone ki chidiya. Yes, the golden bird. By the different ruler from theif of the world.

Emperors who attacked India:-

Emperors like Mahmud of Ghazni and nadir shah had attacked India only on the grid of resources.

Kingdom of India:-

From the prehistoric period to the morden India kingdom like maurya gupta, Pandiya. tughlaq, mughal dynasty had ruled over India

The British East India company:-

After mugHal the independence of India had been handed over the British East India company they had came india for trade bit they able to establish a tertiary by using nastic politics, after 300 years of tortured and suffers india got her freedom on 15th August 1947 by the affords of great son of India. Like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Bhagat Singh.

We should feel proud for

Bhagat Singh Sukhdev and Rajguru

We should feel proud of being the people of that nation which contains bravery of Maharana Pratap Singh fearless of Bhagat Singh strength of veer maratha shivaji and diplomacy of Tipu Sultan. Who have flagshiped of india in front of the world.

Heritage of India

From west to east from south to north India is full of cultural heritage the bharat natyam of tamilnadu, to the bihu of asam the Biriyani of hydrabad to the litichokha of bihar, the jagannath of puri to the kedarnath of Uttarakhand, the muscles power of Punjab to the memory power of Kerala all has a Separate fambase .


India, COUNTRY that occupies the greater part of SOUTH ASIA. Its capital is new delhi , built in the 20th century just south of the historic hub of Old Delhi to serve as India’s administrative centre. Its government is a constitutional republic  that represents a highly diverse population consisting of thousands of ethnic groups and likely four fifty hundreds of languages. With roughly one-sixth of the world’s total population, India is the second most populous country, after China.

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