Indian Defence General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Indian Defence General Knowledge Questions and Answers PDF

GK Quiz section is a repository of TOP ten Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’ Set I that will help you to attune and equipped in different competitive exams like Indian navy, all defence exams IAS, State PSC, SSC.

1.which of the following is the largest contributor to land degradation in india? 

A) soil Salinization

B) wind erosion

C) water erosion

D) forest fire 

Ans. (C) 

2.From which of the following countries India doesn’t import uranium? 

A) Namibia

B) Brazil

C) kazakhstan

D) Mongolia

Ans. (B) 

3.which of the following is not a major port in the East? 

A) paradip

B)New mangalore

C) Ennore

D) Tuticorin

Ans. (B) 

4.Indira Gandhi super thermal power project is located in which state? 

A) Uttrakhand 

B) uttar pradesh

C) Himachal pradesh 

D) Haryana 

Ans. (D) 

5.what is the name of a channel that separates andaman island from Nicole island in the bay of bengal? 

A)9 degree

B) 10 degree

C) 11 degree

D) 13 degree

Ans. (B) 

6.which of the following is not a sister city of bangalore? 

A) Gunsan, south korea

B) minsk, belarush

C) san francisco, united states 

D) kharkiv, ukraine 

Ans. (A) 

7.Hirakud dam is situated in which of the following states? 


B) Andhrapradesh

C) Maharashtra

D) karnataka

Ans. (A) 

8.jim corbett national park is situated in :

A) Himachal pradesh 

B) Haryana

C) uttarakhand

D) Gujarat 

Ans. (C) 

9.kathakali dance form originated from which state? 

A) kerala 

B) karnataka

C) manipur

D) Tamilnadu

Ans. (A) 

10.which of the following river is commonly known as ‘Dakshina Ganga’? 

A) mahanadi 

B) yamuna

C) kaberi

D) Gadabari

Ans. (D)

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