Indian Geography GK for Competitive Exam

Indian Geography GK for Competitive Exam PDF

GK Quiz section is a repository of TOP ten Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’ Set I that will help you to attune and equipped in different competitive exams like Indian navy, all defence exams IAS, State PSC, SSC.

1.indian institution of crop production technology is situated in which of the following places? 

A) ooty

B) kochi

C) Thanjavur

D) Madurai

Ans. (C) 

2.saddam beach is located in which state? 

A) kerala

B) karnataka

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) Tamilnadu

Ans. (A) 

3.After wells and tube wells , which of the following is the largest source of irrigation in  india? 

A) river

B) canal

C) Tanks

D) pond and lake 

Ans. (B) 

4.which of the following ports is the largest natural port in india? 

A) kandla port 

B) Visakhapatnam port 

C) Ennore port

D) mumbai port 

Ans. (D) 

5.what is the approximate length of konkan railway? 

A) 1045 km

B) 950 km

C) 760 km

D) 1100 km 

Ans. (C) 

6.which of the following elements is used for vulcanization rubber? 

A) sulphur

B) chlorine

C) bromine

D) sulphide 

Ans. (A) 

7.Kanha tiger reserve is situated in which state? 

A) uttarakhand

B) Gujarat 

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Haryana 

Ans. (C) 

8.which of the rivers is the home for freshwater dolphins? 

A) yamuna

B) kaberi

C) Brahmaputra

D) Ganga

Ans. (D) 

9.kuchipudi’ dance form belongs to which state? 

A) Tamilnadu

B) Andhrapradesh

C) kerala 

D) Karnataka

Ans. (B) 

10.which of the following city is known as ‘silicon city of india ‘

A) Mumbai

B) pune 

C) Hyderabad 

D) Bangalore

Ans. (D)

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