Indian Geography GK Questions and Answers

Indian Geography GK Questions and Answers PDF

GK Quiz section is a repository of TOP ten Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Geography ‘Climate, Soil Vegetation’ and ‘Drainage System’ Set I that will help you to attune and equipped in different competitive exams like Indian navy, all defence exams IAS, State PSC, SSC.

1.Goa is situated in which of the following river banks? 

A) tapti

B) mandovi

C) krishna 

D) kaveri 

Ans. (B) 

2.india exports  iron ore to which of the following countries? 

A) Bangladesh

B) Russia 

C) Indonesia

D) Japan

Ans. (D) 

3.sahyadri range is also known as :

A) shivalik 

B) Eastern ghat 

C) western ghat 

D) lesser himalaya

Ans. (C) 

4.which is the highest peak of kumaon himalayas? 

A) Nanda devi

B) Dunagiri 

C) trishul

D) kamet 

Ans. (A) 

5.which of the following is the largest mangrove forest in the world? 

A) Bhitarkanika mangrove forest

B) sunderban mangrove forest

C) florida mangrove forest

D) Greeter antilles mangrove forest

Ans. (B) 

6.Bakkhali beach is located in which state? 

A) Kerala

B) Maharashtra

C) west Bengal

D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans. (C) 

7.At which place alaknanda and bhagirathi meet and take the name as ganga? 

A) Allahabad

B) Devprayag

C) Haridwar 

D) Rishikesh

Ans. (B) 

8.’Bihu ‘ is the traditional dance form of which state? 

A) Assam

B) Bihar 

C) sikkim

D) Nagaland

Ans. (A) 

9.periyar national park is located in which state? 

A) Maharashtra

B) Assam

C) Kerala

D) karnataka

Ans. (C) 

10.pochampat  irrigation project lies on which river? 

A) Godavari

B) Narmada

C) Tapti

D) kaveri

Ans. (A)

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