Indian Geography GK Questions & Answers

Indian Geography GK Questions & Answers

The Live Learns welcomes you to GK Quizzes with Answers which helps in your upcoming preparation for different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. Although, today’s competitive examination is evolving in a new trend of mixing traditional and nontraditional questions, So here we are giving Multiple Type Questions on ‘Basic Geography and General Geography Physical Features of India ’ that are attune and equipped in different competitive examinations.

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GK Quiz on Indian Geography: Basic General Geography quiz Set 03

1. Which  is the most important raw material for generation of power in india? 

A) Natural gas 

B) coal

C) mineral 

D) petroleum

Ans. (B) 

2.which of the following  is the most fertile region? 

A) The central highlands

B) peninsular plateau

C) The Himalayas

D) The indo gangetic plain

Ans. (D) 

3.which of the following crops is known as a plantation crop? 

A) Rice

B) wheat

C) coconut

D) sugarcane

Ans. (C) 

4.which of the following is the oldest mountain of india? 

A) Aravali

B) Nilgiri hills

C) vindhyas

D) satpuras

Ans. (A) 

5 . Which is the oldest oil refinery in india? 

A) Haldia, west Bengal

B) Digboi, Assam

C) Noonmati, Assam 

D) koyali, near baroda

Ans. (B) 

6.which of the union territories of India has the highest density of population per square km? 

A) Puducherry


C) chandigarh

D) Delhi

Ans. (D) 

7.which of the following groups of states has largest deposits of iron ore? 

A) Assam and West Bengal

B) odisha and Bihar 

C) Madhyapradesh and Karnataka

D) Andhrapradesh and Maharashtra

Ans. (B) 

8.Beas , Ravi, chenab Rivers are originated from :

A) nilgiri

B) vindhyas

C) Himachal mountain

D) Aravali

Ans. (C) 

9.which state has the largest area of forest cover in india? 

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) karnataka

C) Kerala

D) Punjab 

Ans. (A) 

10.what is the name of the boundary line between India and Pakistan? 

A) McMahon line 

B) Durand line 

C) radcliffe line 

D) Hindenburg line 

Ans(c) .

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