Indian Geography Questions and Answer PDF

Indian Geography Questions and Answer PDF

GK Quiz on Indian Geography: Basic General Geography quiz Set 01

The Live Learns welcomes you to G.K Quiz which helps in your upcoming preparation for different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. Although, today’s competitive examination are in evolving new trend of mixing traditional and untraditional questions, So here we are giving Multiple Type Question on ‘Basic Geography and General Geography Physical Features of India’ that attune and equipped in different competitive examination like IAS, State PSC, and SSC.

1.Todoba national park commonly known for  sheltering tiger, panther and bear is located in which state? 

A) Haryana

B) Gujarat

C) Maharashtra (Chandrapur) 

D) Tamilnadu

Ans. (C) 

2.The tribes, apatanis are found in :

A) Arunachal pradesh

B) mizoram

C) Himachal pradesh

D) sikkim 

Ans. (A) 

3.Which is the only territory that produces saffron in india? 

A) Ladakh

B) Jammu And Kashmir

C) Assam


Ans. (B) 

4.The headquarters of North Western Railway is located in which region? 

A) bhopal

B) Chennai

C) gwalior

D) jaipur

Ans. (D) 

5.which belongs to the zonal soil type of peninsular India ? 

A) Brown soil 

B) red soil 

C) black soil 

D) older alluvium 

Ans. (B) 

6.which is the largest river of all the west flowing rivers of peninsular india? 

A) Tapti

B) Krishna 

C) Narmada 

D) kaberi

Ans. (C) 

7.In which year was the 1st metro railway of India inaugurated in kolkata? 

A) 1987

B) 1984

C) 1983

D) 1974

Ans. (B) 

8 . Bombay stock exchange,which is the 1st stock exchange in india was established in :

A) 1893

B) 1854

C) 1875

D) 1952

Ans. (C) 

9.which indian state is known as garden spice ? 

A) Kerala

B) karnataka

C) Haryana

D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans. (A) 

10.what is the position of india in the production of sugar? 

A) first 

B) second

C) third

D) fourth

Ans. (B)

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