Indian Geography Quizzes PDF

Indian Geography Quizzes PDF

The Live Learns welcomes you to GK Quizzes with Answers PDF which helps in your upcoming preparation for different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. Although, today’s competitive examination is evolving in a new trend of mixing traditional and nontraditional questions, So here we are giving Multiple Type Questions on ‘Basic Geography and General Geography Physical Features of India ’ that are attune and equipped in different competitive examinations like IAS, State PSC, and SSC.

“Indian Geography” Complete Questions & Answers with PDF Below.

GK Quiz on Indian Geography: Basic General Geography quiz Set 05

1.The outer range of which of the following mountains is known as shivalik? 

A) Himalayas 

B) patkai

C) aravali 

D) nilgiri

Ans. (A) 

2.which of the among produces the largest Fraction of rubber in india? 

A) odisha

B) Bihar 


D) karnataka

Ans. (C) 

3.Sharavati project is located in which state? 

A) kerala

B) karnataka

C) Madhya Pradesh

D) Uttar Pradesh

Ans. (B) 

4.India’s one and only Active volcano is situated in Which island? 

A) Havelock island

B) Elephanta island

C) Carr Nicobar

D) Barren island 

Ans. (D) 

5.which of the following states is connected to Sri Lanka by the Palk strait? 

A) karnataka

B) kerala

C) Tamilnadu

D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans. (C) 

6.The chilika lake is located in which state? 

A) Odisha 

B)Madhya Pradesh

C) jharkhand

D) Bihar 

Ans. (A) 

7.which of the following states share its international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar ? 

A) Meghalaya

B) sikkim

C) Assam

D) Tripura

Ans. (D) 

8.which mountain range separates the Indo-Gangetic plain from the deccan plateau? 

A) The  Aravali

B) The satpura

C) The sahyadri

D) The vindhyas

Ans (B)

9.which of the among is a peninsular River of India? 

A) kaveri

B) sutlej

C) kosi

D) krishna

Ans. (D) 

10.Which is the smallest state in India population wise? 

A) Mizoram

B) Goa

C) sikkim

D) tripura


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