Indian Railway New Update For Passengers

New Rules For Railways Continue. Violation Will Result In Immediate Action, Passengers Must know This

Indian Railways changes the rules from time to time. If you are traveling by train every day, you must be aware of the new rules issued by the Indian Railways. Especially those who travel by train at night should be aware of this rule, otherwise there may be action.
So the rules issued by the Indian Railways will apply to people traveling at night. Indian Railways has often complained that passengers traveling at night are unable to sleep properly at night. This is because at night some passengers have a lot of reasons to talk loudly on their mobile phones, to listen to loud music on the phone, which is why other passengers can’t sleep. In view of this, Rathi Indian Railways has issued new rules.

As a rule,

  • No one can talk loudly or listen to music while traveling
  • All lights except night lights should be turned off at night, so that other passengers will not have any trouble sleeping.
  • Passengers in the group will not be able to speak until late at night, so if any other passenger complains, action may be taken against the passenger.
  • Checking staff, RPF, electrician, catering staff and maintenance staff will work peacefully at night.
  • Railways will provide immediate services if they need help for women over the age of 60, disabled and traveling alone.

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According to the new rules issued by the Railways, this could be done if passengers violate any of the rules. Most importantly, as soon as passengers complain about this, the railway workers will immediately get there and solve the problem.

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