Indian Railways Cancelled Trains List

Alert! 223 Trains Canceled, Check List Before Departure Here’s a step-by-step guide

Indian Railways Cancelled Trains

  • KISAN SPECIAL00971. DRDANDI|07 Mar 2022|PEXP.
  • STR-PUNE DMU01540. STRPUNE|07 Mar 2022|PSPC.
  • HWH- BWN MEMU PGR SPL03051. HWHBWN|07 Mar 2022|PSPC.
  • BWN-HWH MEMU PGR SPL03052. …
  • AZ-NILE PASS SPL03057. …
  • NILE- KWAE PASS SPL03060. …
  • AZ-KWAE MEMU PGR SPL03068. And Many More Check Here.

When All Trains are Going to Start in India?

Indian Railways is known as the lifeline of the country. Every day, millions of commuters travel to their destinations by train. The Railways has always been committed to the well-being of its passengers. The department is committed to providing appropriate services to passengers. But sometimes trains are canceled or diverted for some reason. At that point, people have to deal with a lot of problems.

How do I know my train is Cancelled?

Many trains were canceled today, March 4, 2022. So check the list of canceled trains today before leaving the train station. Otherwise you may have to return from the station later. There can be many reasons behind train cancellations, receipts and divers. But the main reason for this is the repair of railway tracks, rain, fog, storms and so on. The train may have to be canceled due to flooding and bad weather. Railways canceled 223 trains on Tuesday for various reasons.

Which Trains have been Cancelled?

Before you go on a train trip on Tuesday, you need to check the list of canceled trains. Railways canceled a total of 223 trains a day. In addition, the Railways has decided to reschedule 4 trains and 14 trains have been diverted. In this case, if you want to check the list of canceled trains, you can easily check on your mobile, laptop. So let’s find out how to check train cancellations, rescheduling and diver list of trains-

Which trains are Cancelled today and tomorrow?

To check the list of canceled, diverted and rescheduled trains, first visit the website of There will be an express train option. Select this option. Then click on the cancel, reschedule and diver train list. Check both train numbers and names in the canceled train list. If your train’s name is not on the list, get out of the house for the trip.

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