International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

Here We Provide International Women’s Day 2022 And Women in Science Day Quiz Questions Are Really Help You To Ash Your Exam And General Knowledge Questions Is Really Good For Your Online Exam And Competitive Exams So Students Do You Know Why march 8 is a special day Lets Know We Know 8 march women’s day And happy women’s day 2022 Here We Provide about women’s day !!

International Women’s Day Quiz questions and answers || Women in Science Day

International Women’s Day Quiz Questions - THE LIVE LEARNS
International Women’s Day Quiz Questions – THE LIVE LEARNS

Question 1: Identify this woman who became the first female and youngest-ever Global CEO of Chanel?

Answer: Leena Nair

Question 2: This Scientist won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of the and ?

Answer: Elements polonium and radium

Question 3: Name this astronaut and engineer, who was the first woman of Indian origin to go to space?

Answer: Kalpana Chawla

Question 4: Identify this beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2021?

Answer: Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Question 5: For which film did this woman won the Academy Awards to become the first female director to win an Oscar?

Answer: The Hurt Locker

Question 6: What came out of Suchi Mukherjee’s aim to create the largest women’s-only marketplace in South East Asia?

Answer: LimeRoad

Question 7: Launched in November 2017, what program helps women entrepreneurs understand the nuances of online selling to grow their business on

Answer: Amazon Saheli

Question 8: In which state did Amazon launch their first all-women delivery station in India?

Answer: Gujarat

Question 9: If Falguni Nayar is one of two self-made female Indian billionaires, who is the other?

Answer: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Question 10: Which two-time GRAMMY Award winner curated an exclusive playlist for Amazon Music in 2021?

Answer: Dua Lipa

  1. When is the International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide?
    a. 8 March
    b. 8 April
    c. 8 February
    d. 8 June
  2. In which year the International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time?

a. 1913
b. 1909
c. 1915
d. 1916

  1. What were the root demands of the women which germinated the Idea of Women’s Day?

a. Equality in pay
b. better pay and voting rights
c. equal working opportunity
d. Maternity leave

  1. From which year the United Nations gave official sanction to International Women’s Day and started funding it?

a. 1973
b. 1974
c. 1975
d. 1976

  1. International Women’s Day is celebrated as official holiday in how many countries around the world?

a. 19
b. 15
c. 20
d. 27

  1. In which year did the International women’s day got transferred to 8 March, from 28 February?

a. 1917
b. 1916
c. 1920
d. 1913

  1. The entire month of March is celebrated as ‘Women’s History Month’ in which country?

a. Russia
b. Britain
c. United States
d. China

  1. On which year the International Women’s Day was declared a ‘non-working’ day in USSR?

a. 1965
b. 1966
c. 1970
d. 1967

  1. In some regions the Women’s Day is celebrated wearing the ribbons of which color?

a. Blue
b. Pink
c. Purple
d. Red

  1. What was the day on March 8, 1914, when the IWD was celebrated officially in the world?

a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Tuesday
d. Thursday


  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. C
  10. A

The International women’s day is celebrated all the world with rigorous fervor and seeks to bring equality to women in respect to men. Discrimination against women is a global phenomenon which have to be rectified in the new global world.

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