Kingdom Fungi Questions and Answer for NEET 2021

Kingdom Fungi Questions and Answer for NEET 2021

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Here we are uploading NEET questions on Kingdom Fungi Questions and Answer pdf , This will really Help you in your Preparation for Medical Entrance Exam Like NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, KCET we cover the general Characters of Fungi and Economic importance of Fungi i.e Useful Activities Of Fungi and Harmful Activities of Fungi and also discuss about the Classification of Fungi.

Answers are Bold type

1. The plant group that produces spores and embryo but lackS vascular tissues and seeds is

(1) Pteriodophyta

(2) Rhodophyta

(3) Bryophyta

(4) Phaeophyta

2. In moss, stomata occur on

(1) Stemn

(2) Leaves

(3) Capsule

(4) All the above

3. Female sex organs of bryophytes are called…….

(1) Oogonia

(2) Ascogonia

(3) Archaegonia

(4) Antheridia

4. The term bryophyta was coined by

(1) Lyengar

(2) Linnaeus

(3) Braun

(4) Bentham

5. Peat Moss is

(1) Club Moss

(2) Reindeer Moss

(3) Irish Moss

(4) Bog Moss

6. Mosses grow in moist places because they

(1) Lack vascular tissue

(2) Have gametes which require water for transport

(3) Lack root and stomata

(4) Cannot grow on land

7. Plant body of Funaria is

(1) Completely sporophyte

(2) Completely gametophyte

(3) Predominantly sporophyte with gametophyte

(4) Predominantly gametophyte with sporophyte

8. A bryophyte which harbours a nitrogen fixing

fixing blue green alga in its thallus is…

(1) Riccia

(2) Anthoceros

(3) Marchantia

(4) Pogonatum

9. First land inhabiting plants are(MPPMT 2004)

(1) Bryophytes

(2) Angiosperms

(3) Pteridophytes

(4) Gymnosperms

10. Which one has good capacity of absorbing water, used in place of cotton and as a fuel?

(1) Marchantia

(2) Riccia

(3) Sphagnum

(4) Funaria

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