TOP 100+ Marketing 4.0 MCQ With Answers PDF

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These marketing 4.0 MCQs and Answers have been designed by our coach’s team after doing extensive research and analysis on the requirements of this exam. Our aim is to help the aspirants get the best score in their UGC NET, SET, and Ph. D exams and also get a good percentage in their MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, MMS, PGDM, PGDBM, and other management courses entrance examinations.

Marketing 4.0 MCQ With Answers

1. When the market supplies the ideas, and companies or marketers commercialize the ideas is known as _____ innovation

a. Horizontal

b. Parallel

c. Upward

d. Vertical

Answer: Horizontal

2. Today, most customers believe more in the ___________ than in marketing communications.

a. Z-Factor

b. F-Factor

c. X-Factor

d. D-Factor

Answer: F-Factor

3. Apple’s iTunes has been disrupted by _____ and its music-streaming business model.

a. Amazon Music

b. Spotify

c. Gaanaa

d. Play Music

Answer: Spotify

4. Marketing 4.0 deals with a major shift from ________

a. product-driven marketing to customer-centric marketing to ultimately human-centric marketing

b. Product-driven to the customer-centric approach of marketing

c. 7P’s of marketing to 4 P’s of integrated marketing

d. Traditional to digital where Online Meets Offline, Style meets Substance

Answer: Traditional to digital where Online Meets Offline, Style Meets Substance

5. Today, __________ are the new segments.

a. Customers

b. Competitors

c. Communities

d. Companies

Answer: Communities

6. Similar to Facebook, customers will have the decision to either “confirm” or “ignore” the friend requests. This demonstrates the _________ relationship between brands and customers.

a. Transactional

b. Legal

c. Horizontal

d. Vertical

Answer: Horizontal

7. __________ should be redefined as the four C’s i.e. co-creation, currency, communal activation, and conversation.

a. Marketing Mix

b. Extended P’s of Marketing ix

c. Marketing Myopia

d. Advertising

Answer: Marketing Mix

8. In the digital economy, _______ is the new product development strategy.

a. Conversation

b. Co-creation

c. Communal Activation

d. Consistency

Answer: Co-creation

9. The concept of pricing is also evolving in the digital era from standardized to _______ pricing.

a. Affordable

b. Nonstandardized

c. Dynamic

d. Online

Answer: Dynamic

10. In Marketing 4.0 – Power Shifts to the Connected Customers from Exclusive to _________

a. Exhaustive

b. Inclusive

c. Selective

d. Normal

Answer: Inclusive

Best Marketing 4.0 MCQ With Answers

11. _________, which brought connectivity and transparency to our lives, has been largely responsible for these power shifts of today’s Marketing 4.0 world.

a. WiFi

b. The internet

c. Transportation

d. Virtual Reality

Answer: The internet

12. In Marketing 4.0 – Power Shifts to the Connected Customers from Vertical to __________

a. Global

b. Diagonal

c. Horizontal

d. International

Answer: Horizontal

13. In Marketing 4.0 – Power Shifts to the Connected Customers from Individual to __________

a. Social

b. Group

c. Collective

d. Rational

Answer: Social

14. The flow of innovation from companies to the market is known as _____

a. Horizontal

b. Parallel

c. Upward

d. Vertical

Answer: Vertical

15. In today’s era of Power Shifts to the Connected Customers, even millionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were aware of the need for economic_________

a. Exclusivity

b. Inclusivity

c. Collectivity

d. Connectivity

Answer: Inclusivity

16. In the recent period, with industry 4.0 and marketing 4.0 revolution, we are also seeing how a vertical power structure has been diluted by a more ___________ force.

a. Transitional

b. Powerful

c. Horizontal

d. Central

Answer: Horizontal

17. In the era of Marketing 4.0, the power shift also influences people and the power lies not with individuals but with ________.

a. Social Groups

b. Government

c. Media

d. Corporate

Answer: Social Groups

18. __________ about brands are now more credible than targeted advertising campaigns.

a. Mass Advertising

b. Brand Image

c. Random ads

d. Random conversations

Answer: Random conversations

19. Economic powers are no longer concentrated but are more evenly distributed. This suggests economic shift is from ________

a. Inclusive to Exclusive

b. Exclusive to Inclusive

c. Exclusive to Vertical

d. None of the above

Answer: Exclusive to Inclusive

20. _____________is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interaction between companies and customers.

a. Marketing 2.0

b. Marketing 4.0

c. Marketing 1.0

d. Marketing 3.0

Answer: Marketing 4.0

21. Amazon-inspired __________ from India, is an example of clone business.

a. Shopclues

b. Flipkart

c. OYO

d. Jio

Answer: Flipkart

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