TOP 100+ Marketing 4.0 MCQs With Answers PDF Download

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1. When the market supplies the ideas, and companies or marketers commercialize the ideas is known as _____ innovation

a. Horizontal

b. Parallel

c. Upward

d. Vertical

Answer: Horizontal

2. Today, most customers believe more in the ___________ than in marketing communications.

a. Z-Factor

b. F-Factor

c. X-Factor

d. D-Factor

Answer: F-Factor

3. Apple’s iTunes has been disrupted by _____ and its music-streaming business model.

a. Amazon Music

b. Spotify

c. Gaanaa

d. Play Music

Answer: Spotify

4. Marketing 4.0 deals with a major shift from ________

a. product-driven marketing to customer-centric marketing to ultimately human-centric marketing

b. Product-driven to the customer-centric approach of marketing

c. 7P’s of marketing to 4 P’s of integrated marketing

d. Traditional to digital where Online Meets Offline, Style meets Substance

Answer: Traditional to digital where Online Meets Offline, Style Meets Substance

5. Today, __________ are the new segments.

a. Customers

b. Competitors

c. Communities

d. Companies

Answer: Communities

6. Similar to Facebook, customers will have the decision to either “confirm” or “ignore” the friend requests. This demonstrates the _________ relationship between brands and customers.

a. Transactional

b. Legal

c. Horizontal

d. Vertical

Answer: Horizontal

7. __________ should be redefined as the four C’s i.e. co-creation, currency, communal activation, and conversation.

a. Marketing Mix

b. Extended P’s of Marketing ix

c. Marketing Myopia

d. Advertising

Answer: Marketing Mix

8. In the digital economy, _______ is the new product development strategy.

a. Conversation

b. Co-creation

c. Communal Activation

d. Consistency

Answer: Co-creation

9. The concept of pricing is also evolving in the digital era from standardized to _______ pricing.

a. Affordable

b. Nonstandardized

c. Dynamic

d. Online

Answer: Dynamic

10. In Marketing 4.0 – Power Shifts to the Connected Customers from Exclusive to _________

a. Exhaustive

b. Inclusive

c. Selective

d. Normal

Answer: Inclusive

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