MCQs on Fungi for NEET 2021 pdf

MCQs on Fungi for NEET 2021 pdf

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Here we are uploading Question Bank on Fungi with Answer, This will really Help you in your Preparation for Medical Entrance Exam Like NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, KCET we cover the general Characters of Fungi and Economic importance of Fungi i.e Useful Activities Of Fungi and Harmful Activities of Fungi and also discuss about the Classification of Fungi.

Answers are Bold type

  1. Gametophytic generation is dominant in

(1) Funaria

(2) Pteris

(3) Marsilea

(4) Pinns

2. S.R. Kashyap is a famous Indian

(1) bryologist

(2) pteridologist

(3) mycologist

(4) phycologist

3. The two layers of teeth in the peristome of moss are…..

(1) decorative parts functioning like sepals and petals in a flower

(2) parts which help in the discharge of spores only when the capsule matures; after the operculum falls, they dry up and open out

(3) parts which help in the gradual dispersal of spores; the upper teeth are hygroscopic and open out only in dry weather, the lower ones check sudden dispersal

(4) parts which help in the dispersal of spores; they are not hygroscopic and allow the discharge of spores by disintegration of capsule wall

4. The unique feature of bryophytes as compared to other plant groups is that…..

(1) they produce spores

(2) they lack vascular tissue

(3) they lack root

(4) their sporophyte is attached to the gametophyte

5. Why do mosses occur in regions which are moist?

(1) because water is needed for fertilization

(2) because rate of transpiration is very high

(3) because it is a free floating hydrophyte

(4) none of the above

6. In Funaria, dispersal of spores takes place.

(1) peristome

(2) calyptra

(4) none of the above

(3) columella

7. First land inhabiting plants are

(2) bryophytes

(1) pteridophytes

(3) gymnosperms

(4) angiosperms

8. Simplest sporophyte among bryophytes is of

(2) Riccia

(1) Marchantia

(4) Moss

(3) Anthoceros

9. Gemmae are the asexual reproductive bodies of

(2) liverworts

(1) algae

(4) gymnosperms

(3) mosses

10. Which of the following is a gametophytic tissuein the moss sporophyte ?

(2) seta

(1) foot

(4) calyptra

(3) capsule

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