MCQs On Genetics and Evolution For NEET With Free Answers PDF

Genetics and Evolution NEET Questions With Answers pdf

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science Biology Genetics and Evolution: In this article, we will provide you detailed NCERT Solutions For class 12 science biology Genetics and Evolution. These heredity and evolution class 10 exercise answers were prepared by the best faculty in India to score good marks in the subject Science.

Also working on NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Science biology topic Genetics and Evolution  will give you a strong foundation on the competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, etc., Read on to find out everything about NCERT Solutions For Class 11 and 12 Science Chapter of Heredity and Evolution.

51, Blood groups are controlled by genes and are hence hereditary. Which group is most common in India ?

(a) B and Rh+

(b) A and Rh+

(c) O and Rh-

(d) AB and Rh+

Ans:- A

52. When both alleles express their effect on being present together, the phenomenon is called

(a) Dominance

(b) Codominance

(C) Pseudodominance

(d) Amphi Dominance

Ans:- B

53. Which cross will give a genotypic ratio of 1 :2:21?

(a)Tr × tr 

(b) Ir XrT

(C) TR X tR

(d) tr X tr

Ans:- B

54. A cross YYRr X YyRR, the offsprings will show the genotypic ratio

(a) 2 YyRR: 2 YYRR

(b) 1 YYRR: 3 YyRR

(c) 4 YYRR : 0 yyRR

d) None of the above

Ans:- A

55. The ratio 27: 9:9:9:3:3:3:1 is

(a) Phenotypic Trihybrid Ratio

(b) Phenotypic Dihybrid Ratio

(c)Genotypic Trihybrid Ratio

(d) Genotypic Dihybrid Ratio

Ans:- A

56. What blood group found in offspring in a marriage between blood group A man and blood group AB woman will prove man to the heterozygous?

(a) Blood Group A

(b) Blood Group B

(c) Blood Group AB

(d) Blood Group O

Ans:- B

57. Two normally pigmented parents have an albino child. Their second child is normally pigmented. What is the probability that their child is an albino?


(b) 1/8

(c) 1/2

(d) 1

Ans:- B

58. The ratio 9: 7 was seen in case of

(b) Supplementary genes

(a) Complementary genes

(d) None of the above

(c) Modifier genes

Ans:- A

59. A hybrid red coloured plant was selfed and 1600 seeds were produced. How many will be red in colour ?

(b) 1600

(a) 1200

(d) 400

(c) 800

Ans:- A

60. What will be the probability of a child born to parents having blood group AB and blood group AB to be blood group AB ?

(a) 1/8

(b) 1/16

(c) 1/4

(d) 1/2

Ans:- D

61. What will never be father’s blood group if the mother has blood group B and child blood group O

(b) B

(a) A

(d) O


Ans:- C

62. What will be the genotype of the woman who is normally pigmented who if marries an albino man produces a normal offspring and an albino offspring in the ratio 1: 1?

(a) Homozygous

(b) Heterozygous YS

(c) Any of the above

(d) Information incomplete.

Ans:- B

63. Segregation of genes occur in

(a) Anaphase I

(n) Anaphase II 

(c) Metaphase I

(d) Telophase I. 

Ans:- B

64. How many out of 10 million sperms in a man with genotype AaBb will have both recessive alleles ?

(a) 2.5 million

(6) 5 million r bolt

(c) 7.5 million

(d) 10 million. bool

Ans:- A

65. If a plant with genotype R,R,R,R, produces potatoes of 240 gram weigh, while r,rroFo produces potatoes 100 grams in weight. What will be the weight

of potatoes in a plant R,R,Rro ?

(a) 215 g

(b) 225 g

(c) 205 g

(d) 195 g

Ans:- C

66. If Mendel has studied the 7 traits using a plant with 12 chromosomes instead of 14, how could his interpretations vary ?

(a) He would have not discovered law of segregation

(b) He would not have discovered law of independent assortment

(c) Both the above

(d) None of the above

Ans:- B

67. 1:2 : 1 is a ratio which is found in

(a) F2 genotypic ratio of a dihybrid cross

(b) Codominance

(c) Incomplete dominance 

(d) All of the above

Ans:- D

68. In case of multiple allelism dealing with Human Blood Groups what is the Probability of a child born to Blood Group A mother and Blood Group B father to have Blood Group O ? 


(b) 0

(d) 3/8

(c) 1/16

Ans:- C

69. What is the probability of a child born to blood group AB mother and blood group O father to have blood group A?


(6) 1/4

(C) 1/8

(d) 0

Ans:- A

70. What is the probability of a man with blood group AB and a woman with blood group O having a blood group AB child ?

(a) 0

(b) 1/2

(c) 1/4

(d) 1/8

Ans:- A

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