MCQs on Viruses For GPAT, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam

MCQs on Viruses For GPAT, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam

Before we discuss about these Classification of Viruses and Characteristics of Viruses questions with Answers, we have to know is the most important topic in biology for GPAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR NET, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam and all  medical exams. so kindly do check it. Our live learns team prepared these questions with answers for you free in pdf format. It is easy to ace your exam.

Viruses Multiple Choice Questions

1. The fact which best supports the concept that viruses are living is that viruses

(1) are made of common chemicals

(2) duplicate themselves

(3) cause diseases

(4) penetrate cell membrane

Ans. (2)

2. Which of the following is true of viruses 

(1) Mulüply only in the host cells

(2) Behave as if hey are plants

(3) Are made up of proteins only

(4) Occur only inside bacteria

Ans. (1)

3. For successful study of the morphology of Viruses, the microscope used is

(1) binocular

(2) polarizing

(3) electron

(4) simple

Ans. (3)

4. Which one of the following is not true of viruses?

(1) They are made of nucleic acids and proteins

(2) They can multiply only in the host cytoplasm

(3) They can grow in dilute sugar solution

(4) They can not utilize oxygen.

Ans. (3)

5. A scientist wants to try to grow a culture of animal viruses. Which of the following would an most likely to be a suitable culture medium

(1) Boiled and cooled water with minerals and vitamins added.

(2) Sterile jelly made with malt and agar

(3) An infertile egg.

(4) A living chick embryo.

Ans. (4)

6. Viruses are essentially made up of

(1) proteins and nucleic acid

(2) starches and carbohydrates

(3) proteins and lipids

(4) starch, proteins and carbohydrate

Ans. (1)

7. TMV was first isolated in crystalline form by________

(1) Miller 

(2) Stanley 

(3) Mayer 


Ans. (2)

8. Bacterial virus is of interest to the scientists because it

(1) contains DNA

(2) can kill bacteria

(3) is very small and can be seen with an electron microscope

(4) is self reproducing

Ans. (1) 

9. Mycophages (mycoviruses) have__________

(1) single stranded RNA

(2) double stranded RNA

(3) single stranded DNA

(4) double stranded DNA

Ans. (2)

10. Outside the host cells, the viruses are simply non-living particles, known as___

(1) virion

(2) proviruses

(3) prophages

(4) capsids

Ans. (1)

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