Medical Questions & Answers on Viruses with pdf

Medical Questions & Answers on Viruses with pdf

Before we discuss about these Classification of Viruses and Characteristics of Viruses questions with Answers, we have to know is the most important topic in biology for GPAT, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR NET, NEET PG & Pharmacist Exam and all  medical exams. so kindly do check it. Our live learns team prepared these questions with answers for you free in pdf format. It is easy to ace your exam.

MCQs on viruses

1. Viroids have

(1) single stranded RNA not enclosed by protein Coat

(2) single stranded DNA not enclosed by protein Coat

(3) double stranded DNA enclosed by protein Coat

4) double stranded RNA enclosed by protein Coat


2. ELISA is used to detect viruses where_________

(1) catalase is the key reagent

(2) DNA-probes are required

(3) southern blotting is done

(4) alkaline phosphatase is the key reagent


3. Which of the following is false?

(1) Most plant viruses are RNA viruses

(2) Most animal viruses are DNA viruses

(3) TMV has a double stranded RNA

(4) T4 bacteriophage has double stranded DNA molecule


4. The latest view for the origin of viruses is

(1) They have arisen from nucleic acid and protein found in primitive soup

(2) They arose from bacteria as a result of loss of cell wall, ribosomes, etc.

(3) They arose from some bacteria which developed a nucleus only

(4) They are modified plasmids which are in fact the fragments of nucleic acids of the host

Ans. (4)

5. Viral envelope contains

(1) Lipids

(2) Proteins

(3) Carbohydrates

(4) All the above


6. Process of reverse transcription was discovered by & _______________

(1) Garrod

(2) Temin and Baltimore

(3) Marshall and Nirenber

(4) Holley and Grover

Ans. (2)

7. Bacteriophage releases lysozyme at

(1) Absorption phase

(2) Penetration phase

(3) Eclipse phase

(4) Maturation phase

Ans. (2)

8. A virus containing ssRNA that acts as template for DNA synthesis is known as__

(1) Polio virus

(2) Retrovirus

(4) Pox virus

(3) Adenovirus

Ans. (2)

9. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

(1) Affects nonvegetarians faster than vegetarians

(2) Is an acute form of asthma

(3) Is caused by a variant of Common Cold Virus (Coronavirus)

(4) Is caused by a variant of Pneumococcus pneumoniae

Ans. (3)

10. Genetic material of Rabies virus is

(1) Double stranded RNA

(2) Single stranded RNA

(3) Double stranded DNA

(4) Single stranded DNA

Ans. (2)

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